Seymour says ACT MP no longer believes climate change a hoax

ACT leader David Seymour is adamant one of his senior MPs no longer believes climate change is a hoax or that people who think the planet is warming are “nut jobs”.

Seymour insists Mark Cameron does not believe many of the things he used to regularly tweet about, shortly before entering Parliament.

Cameron, a dairy farmer turned politician, is one of ACT’s top MPs, ranked at number seven on the list for this year’s election.

Seymour wasn’t keen to talk about Cameron’s controversial Twitter takes from shortly before he joined ACT, like that climate change is a farce, and that only nut jobs believe the planet is warming.

…ok, firstly, last decade ACT claimed “New Zealand is not warming. There is no warming trend since 1970, and the slight warming trend since 1950 is not statistically significant.”If it were to warm moderately, we would likely benefit in terms of land-based production, human health and reduced heating bills,“, so Cameron being a denier isn’t exactly surprising right?

Secondly, what’s the point defending a climate denier when ACTs environmental policies are effectively in denial that there’s any problem in the first place?

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While ACT are hosing down another lunatic candidate, their policy manages to match the lunacy with this wee gem…

…wait, what new hell is this?

ACT are going to allow that machine gun used by the white supremacist terrorist to be back in NZ????????????????????????




Fellow NuZilinders.

The European NuZilinders

Pakeha of all shades




Brothers and Sisters.

The crackheads, the critics, the cynics, and all my heroes at the methadone clinics.

I appreciate we have a few laughs and a few guffaws over politics, but let’s all agree universally, whatever the fucking problem is, more guns are not the fucking solution!

ACT will allow the very machine gun that white supremacist terrorist used to maim and butcher, that weapon should never be on this land again, it is stained with dishonour by his despicable actions. To revel in that weapon is a sickness and it is deplorable that ACT would be so craven to the Gun Rights Fetishist Glee Club to give them such a hideous go

The level with which the Gun Rights Fetishist Glee Club have weaselled into the heart of ACT is dangerous to our society and democracy.

The solution is never more guns FFS.

This is ugly and sinful policy from ACT.

So we have spite policy from ACT and a Tax cut for Landlords funded by taking from 2 year olds, Public transport and Climate Change funds?

Fuck is New Zealand in for a grim morning if these wide eyed ideologues get their hands on the levers of power.

You may believe your vote doesn’t mean anything, but in this election it really fucking does!

This is Darth Vader and his Dancing Stormtroopers taking over the Kindergarten level over reaction

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