What National are promising is to bash the bottom feeders, the poor who can’t fight back, those who are on the fringes.

National have announced they will not only give Landlords the right to throw you out onto the street without reason, they will also give Bosses the right to sack you after 90 days.

In both relationships, National sides with the rich and the powerful.

Weakening peoples job security and their living arrangements is a direct assault on working people to keep them weak, to destabilise them.

When the books are opened in 2 weeks, the extreme Chinese economic situation and our exposure to it will see a stock market hit and KiwiSaver accounts smashed.

National intend to wrap $250 a fortnight around the rick while robbing the poor of funding for their needs.

It’s cruel and the shallow coverage by the political news media is absurdly simplistic.

This is class war without the political vocabulary to describe it.

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