Election 2023: Labour promises free dental care to all Kiwis aged under 30

Labour has launched a torpedo into the war of cost-of-living policies being fought by political parties this election, promising to extend basic free dental care to all New Zealanders under 30.

The policy, which is being estimated at $390 million over four years, would see 18 to 23-year-olds receive free annual check-ups, cleans, X-rays, basic fillings and extractions for free from July 2025. This would then expand to anyone under 30 a year later.

It’s not quite as ambitious as the Greens’ proposal to make basic dental care free for everyone, but Labour says it is just a “first step” as it builds capacity in the system to expand care.


Chippy promises free dental and suddenly Labour are back in the race!

After National’s disastrous Tax policy which will see rich Landlords get $250 per fortnight AT THE EXPENSE of 2 year olds, Public transport and climate change funding, the electorate now know exactly what Chris Luxon stands for, and it sure as Christ ain’t the bottom feeders!

Also note the entire thing is built upon a joke assumption regarding foreign sales that Shamubeel Eaqub called ‘bullshit‘.

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Note how we are talking about the foreign buyers tax RATHER THAN screaming about National removing the foreign buyers ban while getting millions in donations from the Real Estate Pimps???

The venal and naked self interest by National is I think just too much for the majority of NZers.

On top of this ACT have been outed as increasingly extremist with lunatic candidates believing lunatic shit.

ACTs desire to bring back the machine gun the white supremacist terrorist used highlights how captured ACT are by the gun fetishists.

I believe we are a better people than National and ACT strategists think we are!

Since the election, Labour have made up for a lack of much progress or policy with strategic twists that are inch by inch taking the election back.

Ruling out Winston, highlighting ACTs extremism, GST off fresh fruit and vegetables, cutting $4Billion in spending and now stepping up with free dental.

It’s an extraordinary game changing policy and it contrasts with National wanting to rob 2 year olds, public transport and climate funds to give tax cuts to rich landlords!

I get many are angry with Labour over Covid, and for some it’s a deal breaker, but you can not pretend that Labour/Greens and Maori Party on a bad day isn’t infinitely better than ACT/National/NZF on a good day!

The contrast is now glaringly clear. Labour/Greens or Maori Party for social policy focused on the many or ACT/National and NZFirst focused on the few.

Free Dental and GST off Fruit and vegetables  vs Tax cuts for rich landlords funded by robbing 2 year olds, Public Transport and Climate budgets.

Comrades, Jacinda could have locked us all down for 3 years, it still doesn’t justify this venal and naked National Party self interest vs social policy for all of us!

Remember, if we get a Labour + Green +Māori Party majority, we will see a vast extension of these promises beyond Labour’s incrementalism because the Greens and Maori Party will negotiate with more insight!

While we face the most right wing Government since Roger Douglas, we could also get the most Left wing Government since Savage!

This is the time to fight dammit!

We have Labour over a barrel if they need Green and MP numbers for Supply and Confidence, which they will!

There is an attempt to tell you this election is already won by the Right and even if Labour won they couldn’t blah blah blah, but this is a right wing talking point nonsense!

The election is far fucking closer than it should be because many see what a National/ACT Government would do and they will vote Labour come hell or high water!

We will see this dental policy resonate and contrast with the self interest of National.

We will see the debates, and argue the points and I believe the Left will win because our argument is far less odious and cruel than National’s and ACTs.

It ain’t over till the fat blogger sings!

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