With the opening of the campaign proper and with National finally showing us their tax policy, we now see very clearly what is at stake between Labour/Green/MP progress vs a National/ACT/NZF extremism and the juxtaposition is too jarring.

I just don’t believe the majority of kiwis are as cruel as National and ACT strategists seem to believe they are.

The extremism of NZ First plus the extremism if ACT plus the extremism of National equals too much extremism.

Giving rich Landlords $250 a fortnight paid for by robbing 2 year olds, mutilating public transport and literally stealing from Climate Change funds is fucking extreme!

Taking millions in donations from Real Estate Pimps while promising Landlords the power to throw renters out  without reason and removing the foreign buyers ban is naked venality at its most obscene!

Wanting to bring back the machine gun used by the white supremacist terrorist just because it’s the favourite toy gun of the Gun Fetishists is extreme!

Wanting to push a referendum that renegotiates the Treaty with no negations with Maoridom is extreme.

Wanting to slash billions in public services and amputate 5 Ministries plus the Human Rights commission is extremist.

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Having Candidates claiming climate change is a hoax and that nana robots were in the vaccine is extreme.

Wanting Toilet police to check you gender in the toilets is extreme.

Rolling back every environmental law passed in the last 6 years is extreme.

Compare that with what the Left are promising, free dental, GST off food, wealth tax, better public transport, more money to climate change adaptation, more public services.

The juxtaposition between the naked venality, ignorance and malice of what the Right are offering vs the genuine solutions of the Left are too wide to ignore and Kiwis aren’t that dumb.

People may well be pissed at how little Labour achieved and how they squandered their MMP majority and many are genuinely bruised from Covid, but none of that cynicism or disappointment or real hurt justifies allowing National/ACT and NZ First to hand the fucking country over to the richest in an orgy of crony capitalism and privatisation.

If you voted Labour in 2020 and walked in protest, you have an obligation to study exactly what the fuck your protest vote will create here, because whatever Labour’s sins of the last 3 years are, a Labour/Green/Maori Party on a bad day are better than ACT/National/NZF on a good day!

Free Dental is a great start, Labour have 7 more announcements before Election Day, watch as the best Left wing political tacticians in NZ go up against National’s expensive elite wanker crew who are great at snide memes but awful at understanding Kiwi’s hearts.



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