Bryan Bruce is the only TV journalist left making actual documentaries  in NZ.

60% of the news rooms are female now and the focus is identity politics and ‘you-go-girl’ feminism.

I’ve argued previously that this journalism using only the lens of identity is intellectually weak and petty.

Remember when Carmel Sepuloni who has done so little in Welfare was feted by the NZ on Air groupies over at Spinoff?

Read The Spinoff, Stuffs and NZ Heralds review of her appointment and it’s all identity politics soaked ‘you go girl’ feminism that champions her being the first Pacific Island Deputy.

There is no reflection whatsoever on her time as Minister presiding over the very weak and vulnerable that those woke newsrooms profess to care about, because when we do that, the gloss strips away very quickly.

That’s why Bryan Bruce’s documentary is so different. It’s not the low hanging fruit of  identity politics journalism, it’s an actual journalistic examination of the economic dynamics of why our food prices are so high, and quite frankly it’s the kind of journalism that NZ on Air should be funding, not the woke identity politics junk.

He points out the free market structures that stops NZers enjoying the food grown here.

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He points out the harm to our environment and animal welfare.

He points out the damage to our health.

He links the ongoing food prices to neoliberal changes in the economy.

He points out how the big players have manipulated the low regulation environment in NZ to cement into place their market dominance.

He points out climate change and the selling of our productive land.

He points out how the Trucking Industry have fucked us.

He points out how free trade has fucked us.

Christ he even talks the solutions TDB has been championing: A subsidy to NZ Farmers for domestic sale, a sugar tax, free food in schools, protecting our productive land, pushing more community gardens – the list of good ideas keeps coming!

Bryan has done more journalism in one documentary than The Project and Seven Sharp has managed in 3 years.

Why can’t we have actual documentaries that point out the economic and class failures of the system that can lead to common ground and broad based solidarity?

The middle class woke want pure temple politics that excludes through its inclusion, where as Bryan’s journalism is Broadchurch politics that seeks class solidarity.

Jesus we need more NZ on Air funded journalism like this! You know, actual Journalism not another dreary waste of money on another angry feminist sex positive emotional journey of queer mommy blogger podcasts on the Spinoff with support from Stuff and RNZ.

Well done Bryan.

5 Stars

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