29 August 2023 Main source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group (PMG): NB:The period covered by this newsletter is taken from the PMG’s 24-hour sitrep ending 8am the day after the above date.

We shall always do our best to verify the accuracy of all items in these IOP newsletters/reports wherever possible [e.g. we often suspect that names of people and places that we see in the PMG sitreps could be typos; also the translation into English seems rather odd ~ but sincewe, sadly, do not speak Arabic, we have no alternative but to copy and paste these names from the PMG sitreps!] – please forgive us for any errors or omissions – Leslie and Marian.

Israeli Army attack –

1 shot and wounded

Home invasion and

forced personal demolition

Settler assault on child,

TDB Recommends

pastoral sabotage and

Israeli Army complicity

Night peace disruption and/or

home invasions in refugee camp

and 26 towns and villages

1 attack – 3 wounded

41 raids

including home invasions

1 abducted – 30 taken prisoner

2 acts of pastoral sabotage

Home invasions: 09:00, Jerusalem – 18:15-00:50, Ya’bad – 02:20-06:45, Asira al-Shimaliya – 02:20-06:45, Kafr Qallil – 01:45, Haris village – 12:00, al Buwairah.

Peace disruption raids: 10:50-16:50, Kharbatha Bani Harith – 18:20, Beitin – 02:30, Dura al-Qarara03:50-07:40, Beit Rima – 03:50-07:40, Deir Ghousun – 03:50-07:40, Aboud – 03:50-07:40, Qarawat Bani Zaid – 03:50-07:40, Kafr Ein – 03:50-07:40, al-Nabi Saleh – 03:50-07:40, Deir Nizam – 01:10, Shuqba – 15:55-17:50, Ta’anak – 17:40, Zeita – 18:55-21:55, Shufa – 18:55-21:55, Izbit Shufa – 21:55, Anabta – 21:55, Kafr al-Labad – 02:40-05:25, Tulkarem – 08:45, Azzun – 22:25, Hablat22:50, Hajjah – 03:10-06:45, Kafr Qaddum – dawn, Orif 09:15-13:30, Tal village – 22:25, Osirin – 02:15-05:30, Kifl Haris – 10:30, Ein al-Dyouk al-Tahta – 05:45, Aqbat Jabir refugee camp – 23:55, Tuqu’ – 00:30, al-Khadr – 11:20-12:50, Bani Naim – 12:25-13:35, Hebron – 21:15, Tafuh – 06:55, Beit Ummar – dawn, Halhul.

Palestinian missile attacks: none.

Israeli Army attack – 1 shot and wounded: Jerusalem – 22:30, Israeli Occupation forces shot, wounded and hospitalised a man, Ibrahim Adel, by the annexation Wall close to Beit Hanina.

Home invasion and forced personal demolition: Jerusalem – 09:00, the Israeli Occupation forced a resident, Hamza Jaafar, to destroy his home in the al-Sa’adiya neighbourhood – or otherwise be forced to pay an extortionate sum to the Israeli Occupation demolition squads, who would be sent in to do it.

Home invasions – rubber-coated bullets: Jenin – 18:15-00:50, Israeli forces, firing rubber-coated bullets, stun grenades and tear gas canisters, raided Ya’bad and invaded a number of homes.

Home invasions: Nablus – 02:20-06:45, Israeli Occupation forces raided Asira al-Shimaliya and invaded three homes.

Home invasion: Nablus – 02:20-06:45, the Israeli Army raided the village of Kafr Qallil and invaded four homes.

Home invasions – rubber-coated bullets: Salfit – 01:45, Israeli troops raided the village of Haris and invaded a house.

Home invasion and demolition: Hebron – 12:00, the Israeli military demolished a two-storey home in the al- Buwairah area, east of Hebron.

Israeli police and settlers’ mosque violation: Jerusalem – 08:00, settler militants, escorted by Israeli police, invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and molested worshippers.

Israeli Army armed robbery: Jenin – 22:30, Israeli Occupation forces, at the Dotan checkpoint, seized a vehicle belonging to a man, Mohammed Nabil Tawfiq Zyoud, while also taking him prisoner.

Israeli Army vandalism: Bethlehem – 10:55, the Israeli Army demolished retaining walls on privately-owned land, in the village of al-Walaja.

Occupation settler child assault, pastoral sabotage and Israeli Army complicity: Jerusalem – 11:00, Israelis, from the Kfar Adumim Occupation settlement, assaulted two women who were trying to free their young brother from the hands of other settlers. The eleven-year-old shepherd had been grazing sheep in the area, until being grabbed by the settlers. At that point, the Israeli Army intervened to support thesettlers, and took prisoner the two sisters: Iman and Nisreen.

Occupation settler pastoral sabotage: Ramallah – 11:10, Israeli settlers attacked a number of farmers, east of the village of Rammun, and tried to seize a number of sheep.

Occupation settler stoning: Ramallah – 11:40-14:15, Israeli settlers stoned Bedouin homes, near the al-Taybeh road junction.

Occupation settler land-grab: Nablus – 10:55, Israeli Occupation settlers set up camp on land, near the road connecting Qusra and the village of Jalloud, in order to establish a new settlement outpost.

Raid: Ramallah – 10:50-16:50, Israeli Occupation forces raided and patrolled the village of Kharbatha Bani Harith.

Raid: Ramallah – 18:20, Israeli forces raided and patrolled the village of Beitin.

Raid: Ramallah – 02:30, the Israeli Army raided and patrolled the village of Dura al-Qarara.

Raids: Ramallah – 03:50-07:40, Israeli troops raided and patrolled Beit Rima, Deir Ghousun and Aboud, as well as the villages of Qarawat Bani Zaid, Kafr Ein, al-Nabi Saleh and Deir Nizam.

Raid – 2 wounded: Ramallah – 01:10, the Israeli military, firing rubber-coated bullets, stun grenades and tear gas canisters, raided the village of Shuqba and invaded homes, wounding two people, Mohammed Abd al-Rahman Abu Hashem and Yaman Mohammed Shawamra, as well as taking prisoner two others.

Raid: Jenin – 15:55-17:50, Israeli soldiers raided and patrolled the village of Ta’anak.

Raid: Tulkarem – 17:40, Israeli Occupation forces raided and patrolled Zeita.

Raids: Tulkarem – 18:55-21:55, Israeli forces raided and patrolled the villages of Shufa and Izbit Shufa.

Raids: Tulkarem – 21:55, the Israeli Army raided and patrolled Anabta and Kafr al-Labad.

Raid – 1 taken prisoner: Tulkarem – 02:40-05:25, Israeli troops raided the city, taking prisoner one person.

Raid: Qalqiliya – 08:45, the Israeli military raided and patrolled Azzun.

Raid: Qalqiliya – 22:25, Israeli soldiers raided and patrolled Hablat.

Raid: Qalqiliya – 22:50, Israeli Occupation forces raided and patrolled the village of Hajjah.

Raid – 7 taken prisoner: Qalqiliya – 03:10-06:45, Israeli forces invaded the village of Kafr Qaddum, taking prisoner seven people.

Raid – 1 taken prisoner: Nablus – dawn, the Israeli Army raided the village of Orif, taking prisoner one person.

Raid: Nablus – 09:15-13:30, Israeli troops raided and patrolled the village of Tal.

Raid: Nablus – 22:25, the Israeli military raided and patrolled the village of Osirin.

Raid: Salfit – 02:15-05:30, Israeli soldiers raided and patrolled Kifl Haris.

Raids – population-control: Jericho – 10:30, Israeli Occupation forces raided the village of Ein al-Dyouk al-Tahta and issued stop-work orders on construction in 17 houses.

Raid – refugee camp – abduction – another taken prisoner: Jericho – 05:45, Israeli forces raided the Aqbat Jabir refugee camp, abducting a youngster and also taking prisoner an adult.

Raid: Bethlehem – 23:55, the Israeli Army raided and patrolled Tuqu’.

Raid: Bethlehem – 00:30, Israeli troops raided and patrolled al-Khadr.

Raid: Hebron – 11:20-12:50, the Israeli military raided and patrolled Bani Naim.

Raid: Hebron – 12:25-13:35, Israeli soldiers raided and patrolled Hebron.

Raid: Hebron – 21:15, Israeli Occupation forces raided and patrolled Tafuh.

Raid – 1 taken prisoner: Hebron – 06:55, Israeli forces raided Beit Ummar, taking prisoner one person.

Raid – 1 taken prisoner: Hebron – dawn, the Israeli Army raided Halhul, taking prisoner one person.

Restrictions of movement (19): 17:10, Halamish settlement roundabout – 20:50, tightened procedures at the Shufa checkpoint – 10:10, entrances to Azzun, the village of Izbit al-Tabib and under the Azzun Bridge – 17:30, Kafr Laqif village roundabout; one taken prisoner – 12:00, Sarra village road junction – 15:20, tightened measures at the Huwara checkpoint – 15:55-17:30, western entrance to Deir Ballut – 01:05, northern entrance to Jericho – 08:20-10:00, southern entrance to Nahalin – 16:00-17:00, southern entrance to Bethlehem – 09:05-10:50, south of Hebron – 09:40-11:00, southern entrance to Hebron – Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing closed – al-Mantar-Karni crossing closed – al-Shujaiyeh crossing (Nahal Oz) closed – Sufa crossing closed – al-Awda Port closed.

Numbers relating to other people reportedly taken prisoner:

Jerusalem 8, Ramallah 1, Jenin 1, Qalqiliya 1, Nablus 1.


UN has documented

645 Israeli movement obstacles within the West Bank

Restrictions on movement deepen humanitarian needs among Palestinians, undermining access to livelihoods and essential services such as health care and education, and have a noticeable psycho-social impact on communities.

An updated mapping exercise by the United Nations reveals that 645 movement obstacles are spread across the West Bank. The UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has documented an 8 per cent rise in the number of obstacles since its previous survey.

UN’s count includes 49 constantly staffed checkpoints; 139 intermittently staffed checkpoints; 304 roadblocks, earth-mounds and road gates; 73 earth walls, road barriers and trenches; and 80 additional obstacles of various types within the Israeli-controlled area of Hebron (H2).

OCHA has also published an interactive map featuring images and specific data for every documented obstacle.

Out of all the obstacles verified, 339 prevent or restrict access to main roads, city hubs, services, and farmland, with a severe impact on Palestinians. A 712 km Barrier, now 65 per cent built, runs mostly inside the West Bank, and poses a major movement obstacle for people.

Under international law, the Israeli authorities have the obligation to facilitate the free movement of Palestinians within the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, with only certain security-related exceptions recognised. Sections of the Barrier within the West Bank are unlawful, as concluded by the International Court of Justice.



The full fact sheet:

An interactive map of the West Bank, featuring the latest findings:

For more information, please contact or +972 54 3311836


[NB: Times indicated in Bold Type contribute to the sleep deprivation suffered by Palestinian children]

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