Election 2023: Council of Trade Unions rolls out attack ads targeting Christopher Luxon, National hits back

“Out of touch” and “too much risk” is how National leader Christopher Luxon is being described in a series of attack ads which were rolled out on Monday.  

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions is behind the ads which feature a black and white picture of Luxon with “out of touch” and “too much risk” written in capital letters below him.   

But National has hit back at the ads, calling them “nasty”.  

NZCTU President Richard Wagstaff said the attack ads are “focused on why a National-led government will leave working people worse off”.  

“Christopher Luxon and National will take New Zealand backwards and working people will be the first to feel the pain,” Wagstaff said.  

“The buck stops with Christopher Luxon. He’s the leader, these are his policies. People need to take notice of that.”    

He said the ads are evidence based and set out why Luxon and National are “out of touch with what matters to the lives of working people – and out of touch with the challenges New Zealand faces”.  

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Wagstaff also referenced data from a Newshub-Reid Research poll in May which found 47 percent of New Zealanders thought Luxon was out of touch compared with 35.6 percent who think Labour leader Chris Hipkins is.  

Wagstaff hit out at National’s tax policy released last week. The policy includes changing income tax brackets to compensate for inflation, introducing National’s Family Boost childcare tax credit, and increasing Working for Families tax credits. This would come in from July 1, 2024.  

The party also promised to fully restore interest deductibility for rental properties, bring the bright line test back to two years from the current 10 years, not go ahead with the Government’s proposed fuel tax hikes over the next three years and remove the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax, if it’s elected.  

The tax policy revealed the party is proposing to cancel a Government public transport programme which would effectively double fares for some people.  

The policy didn’t go down well with Wagstaff who accused the party of proposing “savage cuts to public services” at the expense of low-income earners.  

Telling the truth about National isn’t an ‘attack advert’!

National intend to give the Richest Landlords $250 per fortnight in tax cuts funded by robbing 2 year olds, mutilating Public Transport and literally stealing climate change funds!


National are taking millions in donations from the Real Estate Pimps and removing the Foreign Buyers Ban and give Landlords the power too kick tenants out without a reason!


National are lining up to roll back the most important workers rights advances like the Fair Pay Agreements while allowing the biggest polluters off the hook while slashing 14 000 public service jobs.


The fact the CTU have the balls to actually call National on their bullshit should be celebrated.

I think the left have lost an enormous amount of male voters to National and ACT. Male voters who voted Labour in 2020 but who have been put off by the lack of progress, post Covid bitterness and the woke middle class dogma have gone over to National and ACT  out of protest rather than an examination of what they intend to do.

The sheer scale of how far right a National/ACT Government would go needs to be pointed out to those male voters, because on reflection I don’t b believe they want to go as extreme as National and ACT intend to go.

Telling the truth about how selfish and venal National policy really is, isn’t an attack advert, it’s highlighting to workers what they stand to lose if a hard right National empowered by an extremist ACT win power.

If the Left vote, the Left win’.


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