Latest Roy Morgan is out:

National 31% (-2.5)
Labour 24% (-2)
Act 18% (+4)
Greens 12.5% (+3.5)
NZF 5.5% (+0.5)
TPM 4% (-2)
TOP 2% (-2)

ACT soar to 18% and the Left are being murdered because we are haemorrhaging male voters.

Turns out middle class woke dogma drives male voters into the arms of the right…

On an overall basis men are heavily in favour of a potential National/Act NZ coalition on 57.5% almost double Labour/Greens on 31%. This high support among men is the basis of the clear lead National/ Act NZ have overall. In contrast, support among women is evenly split between the governing Labour/Greens coalition on 41.5% and the potential National/Act NZ coalition on 41%.

A large majority of 66.5% of older men aged 50+ support a potential National/ Act NZ coalition government compared to under a quarter, 23.5%, who support the governing Labour/ Greens coalition.

There is a slightly closer result for younger men aged 18-49 with a clear plurality of 49% supporting a potential National/Act NZ coalition government compared to just over a third, 37.5%, who support the current governing Labour/ Greens coalition.

…what was that Marama?

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Tell men they are the problem long enough in an identity politics landscape, and they become the problem!

Funny how I pointed out how middle class identity politics buying into culture wars we couldn’t win would kill us as a movement by driving Male voters into the arms of the right, and lo and fucking behold eh kids?

We are seeing in this Roy Morgan Poll the cultural backlash to woke culture wars with male voters so alienated from the Left they are running into the arms of ACT.

We need to focus on the common ground between us, not pure temple echo chambers that cancel people for missing pronouns, mispronouncing Te Reo or suggesting female comedians aren’t funny.

It’s not over, Roy Morgan polls over a whole month so would have barely caught the Free Dental announcement, but we really need to have a wee chat with our Woke friends about how to win friends and influence people.

Good news Greens have found a freakishly new way of winning, be slightly less gutless than Labour!

Winston is just holding on by his finger nails and the Maori Party continue to be set for the highest win in their political history.


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