First new Taxpayers Union Poll out and it’s grim reading for those who don’t want to be taken over by a far right Government!

ACT have soared while the Greens stall.

LABOUR – 34%


ACT – 13%


Māori Party – 3.7%

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NZ First – 2.6%

TOP – 1.7%

The polarisation and culture wars that the woke are inspiring are empowering ACT while the Greens are stalling.

If the Woke have fucking finished self mutilating the Left, could we remember who the actual enemy here is?

Right now the ACT Party is campaigning on using a referendum to redefine the Treaty with zero negotiation with Māori that ACT will then implement as law. This policy is likely to trigger a level of conflict in this country that we have never witnessed as Māori openly rebel at having a new Treaty that they haven’t negotiated forced upon them by ACT.

National will empower landlords to evict renters at will and ACT want a billion for a new prison empire.

Do we comprehend the enormity of how far right a National ACT Government will take this country?

The Left are too busy cancelling each other for misusing pronouns and creating safe spaces for their feelings.

Dear Woke, your fucking feelings are about to become incredibly unsafe if a National ACT Government win.

The danger of identity politics is if white men take on the same victim narrative and see themselves as white cis males first rather than citizens in a democracy.

The self constructed identity of the woke trumps our common human experience.

Class builds solidarity, not identity.

The Left can’t win the culture wars that the woke want to engage in because all it does is hand ammunition to ACT.

ACT are well on their way to a 15% win on election night.

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