They are lying about the costings to their own bloody tax policy!

Election 2023: Pressure piles on National to release its costings and advice for foreign buyers tax in wake of Newshub revelation

Pressure is piling on National to release its costings and advice for its foreign buyer tax policy after revelations the party only got advice on one aspect after releasing the plan. 

Newshub revealed on Sunday National only got advice from a tax expert on whether the policy could be in breach of tax treaties with other countries two days after the party released its policy.

“Clearly, National has been caught on the back foot and is scrambling to provide evidence it should have gathered before announcing its policy, which makes it look like the party gunning to be the Government has been blindsided by international laws,” senior Newshub political reporter Amelia Wade said.

Part of National’s tax policy, which was released last week, is to add a 15 percent levy on foreign buyers purchasing a home over $2 million, but there are concerns this could be a legislative breach.  

For example, Article 24 of New Zealand’s double taxation treaty with China – signed in 2019 – clearly states Aotearoa can’t tax Chinese buyers more than Kiwis. 

But National is confident it doesn’t break international law and will “find a way” to get the policy across the line. 

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“We can find a way through, other equivalent places like Australia and Vancouver have these taxes – and all we’re trying to do there is gain a bit of extra revenue to give some relief to the squeezed middle,” National’s Paul Goldsmith told AM last week.

But not everyone is convinced, with calls intensifying for National to release all its costings and advice. 

“Revelations on Newshub tonight [Sunday] that National only got an expert to review their tax plan two days after it was released adds further fuel to the call for Christopher Luxon and Nicola Willis to release all costings and advice they have received on it,” Labour finance spokesperson Grant Robertson said.

“That’s a huge mistake and it appears they only sought advice in a panic after several experts made it clear their dodgy plan was likely a breach of our international agreements.”

Robertson said this comes despite Willis telling Newstalk ZB on Thursday that “National had sought independent legal advice to check that we can do this while complying with our Free Trade Agreements and Tax Agreements”. 

The naked venality of National giving rich Landlords $250per fortnight funded by robbing 2 year olds, mutilating public transport and literally stealing from climate change funds while receiving millions in donations from the Real Estate Pimps while National promise Landlords the rights to throw tenants onto the streets with no reason tenancy rules while National removes the Foreign Buyers Ban is just too much.

We have the The Squeezed Middle, the Stamped Poor and the Glorified Landlords!

Look you can be angry at Labour and what we had to sacrifice during Covid, but don’t pretend allowing National and ACT in to power will be anything other than a mutilation to our society!

ACT just announced they will reopen gas and oil drilling in NZ and they want the favourite machine gun of sociopaths back in time for Christmas stockings.

Compare that with Labour’s free dental, GST off fresh fruit and vegetables and increases in working for family credits.

Sure, crumbs from the table of a Party that had an unprecedented MMP majority, but the need for Labour, Greens and Maori Party to work together to defeat a hard right Government means Labour’s concessions for Supply and Confidence will be higher than what they are promising.

The Political Right will slavishly worship the interests of the wealthy while the Political Left will stand with you.


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