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Voices for Freedom, the pro-whaling lobbyist and the links to NZ First

A letter sent by a controversial lobbyist to a key member of the anti-vax movement has laid bare the links between NZ First and Voices for Freedom.

Winston Peters’ party has seen its popularity jump in recent weeks, in part due to growing support among the wild herd of vaccine sceptics, so-called sovereign citizens, anti-globalists and the broader ‘freedom movement’.

Glenn Inwood, who has worked for both the Japanese whaling and tobacco industries, last month wrote to Elizabeth Mundt, a Selwyn councillor affiliated with Voices for Freedom (VFF), championing the party as the only vehicle likely to represent the ‘freedom’ constituency following October’s election.

Inwood, a long-time friend of NZF deputy leader Shane Jones, who recently returned to the party, claimed Peters had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment after attending the occupation of Parliament grounds in the summer of 2022.

He said Peters met with former GP Matt Shelton, who has claimed Covid-19 vaccines contain self-assembling nanobots and can make people magnetic; Inwood also said Peters’ views had evolved “since going to the Parliament Protest (the only politician who did)”.

“From then, I think it’s been a gradual awakening to a whole variety of things … No other party or politician would even consider meeting Dr. Shelton.”


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Last month, the Sunday Star-Times revealed it had identified several NZ First candidates who have shared false or extreme views about the pandemic and other topics, including Kirsten Murfitt.

In his note to Mundt, Inwood wrote: “The party NZ First is not only Winston.

“The party itself has new people, new members, new candidates (Kirsten Murfitt, NZLSOS [Lawyers Speaking out with Science]/ Casey Costello, Hobson’s Pledge), some from VFF, some just independent freedom thinkers who understand the globalism inflicted by Labour and National and ACT.

“A number are ex-New Conservative, others have come up and said they just need to take a stand. There are a number of Resistance Kiwi people who have seen the change in the party, know that there are no longer “pro-mandate” people in it, and have backed it whole-heartedly.”

Mundt posted the letter to a VFF Telegram channel, adding the message: “Just asking people to keep an open mind and remember some of us are working very hard behind the scenes in many spaces! All will reveal in good time!!”

…it is glaringly obvious now that NZ First is a Trojan Horse for crazy antivaxxers to gain access to Parliament.

Winston’s desperation to play to Transphobia, petty racist bigotry and feral anti vaxxers to get over 5% is the big storey of this election.

The lost, desperate and angry vote that Winnie will trick and manipulate into voting for him is as gasp invoking as it is vomit inducing.

This election is going to be a bitter harvest of spite spat out at everyone the voter hates rather than everything the voter hopes for.

This whole issue is ripe for explosion if Posie Parker holds another unmanageable open air shit fight in Albert Park 3 weeks from the 2023 election.


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