National have now admitted they will remove the foreign buyers ban, their true venal values are exposed.

After receiving millions in donations from the Real Estate Pimps , National will allow foreign millionaires to speculate in NZs domestic market.

Once done, we will never be able to ban foreign speculators again.

There are already huge questions over National’s plan with many saying it will never generate the revenue National are claiming.

This bullshit ‘squeezed middle’ tax cut is really a rich Landlord subsidy!

These tax cuts which for most people will be $10 to $25 per week are being funded by slashing spending on early child education, environmental funding and public transport. It’s like a double punch while being told it’s in your interests!

National (who receive millions in donations from Real Estate Pimps) have done exactly what I argued they would do, remove the foreign buyers ban to generate external demand for the housing market which means the Real Estate Pimps win while first time home buyers here in NZ lose out in a market already fundamentally distorted.

We have the lowest rate of home ownership in 70 years, millions spent each day on kettling beneficiaries into unsafe motels and 100 000 homeless. Renters are being screwed over while the Landlord class grease the political wheels and get their interests sorted above ours.

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No wonder Luxon is so keen to borrow Chinese money to build here, he is opening NZ up to economic leverage by a geopolitical threat all so rich landlords can feel rich again?

How the Christ is this a solution to the problems we have?

It’s a fucking blueprint for unrestricted privilege!

This isn’t a Tax Policy, it’s venal selfishness masquerading as the squeezed middle.


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