This is so dumb…

Has Labour made 2023 the most negative election campaign in history, or is National throwing a dead cat on the table?

It is hard to imagine the election battle between Bunnings dad Chris Hipkins and Christian dad Christopher Luxon will be the dirtiest fight ever seen in New Zealand politics.

But on Monday at a media conference on the black and white tiles in Parliament, National Party campaign chair Chris Bishop – a Park Run dad – said the campaign had descended to never-before-seen depths.

“It’s become very clear that thanks to the Labour Party this has gone on to become the most negative election campaign in New Zealand history.”

Firstly – Telling the truth about National isn’t an ‘attack’ advert.

Secondly, the Millennial Newsrooms have no idea what the fuck Dirty Politics actually is.

Let’s remind the kids what Dirty Politics looks like again.

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How on earth could anyone other than a Millennial journalist allow Bishop to pretend an advert by the CTU equated to the most negative election campaign in New Zealand history when National operated an actual black ops team out of John Key’s office?

The three most surprising parts of all of this is that:

1 – The CTU have the money for an advert on the front page of the Herald

2 – This must be the first time the truth was ever published on the front page of the Herald.

3 – Millennial newsrooms clearly have never read Nick Hager’s Dirty Politics.

Most Millennial Newsrooms have no idea who this is

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