The National Party’s plan to install EV chargers while at the same time making it harder for people to buy an EV is bizarre and ridiculous.

“There is no point building new charging infrastructure if people can’t afford to buy an EV when they need a new car,” says Green Party transport spokesperson Julie Anne Genter.

“The Clean Car Discount has been one of the most successful climate policies Aotearoa has had. In June 2023, one in two cars sold was an EV. Scrapping this policy makes no sense and will likely reduce the ability of New Zealanders to access EVs, and increase emissions.

“This morning, standing in front of a huge “zero” sign, Chris Luxon presented zero new ideas to help Aotearoa fight climate change.

“The government already has a plan to put charging hubs in place every 150 – 200 kms on main highways by 2028. It makes absolutely no sense to cancel the one policy that is doing more than any other to drive the massive adoption of EVs around the country.

“Over the last week, the National Party has committed to cancelling one of the most successful climate policies NZ has and pledged to cut $2 billion from the climate budget, which is currently paying for EV chargers.

“That says all you need to know about how little National cares about climate change.

“Aotearoa has the potential to be the first country in the world to completely transition away from petrol and diesel vehicles. To do that we need effective incentives, as well as charging infrastructure.

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“National would put climate action in Aotearoa into reverse gear.

“Their preferred coalition partner, the ACT Party, have also promised to restart drilling for fossil fuels. ACT have also said they will repeal the Zero Carbon Act and get rid of the Climate Commission. I cannot think of a greater risk to New Zealand’s climate action than a National-ACT government.

“The decisions that will be made in the next term of Parliament will determine the speed and scale of climate action in Aotearoa for the next fifteen years. It is critical that we continue to build momentum. To make it happen, we need more Green MPs and Ministers around the decision making table,” says Julie Anne Genter.

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