I think Verity Johnson is a very important political cultural weathervane, her latest column at the deep frustration many 18-40 year olds feel at the vast lack of progress under Labour is painfully real.

Add to that a deep residual anger in Auckland over the last lockdown and the incremental gains made post Covid and you have an electorate wanting to punish not reward.

The only thing that will shock the non ideological Left vote into action is the ongoing economic pain of sticky inflation and rising mortgages.

This election, the costs of living crisis means no one can afford apathy.

People want to vote, they just don’t know who to vote for.

ACT and National will unleash a level of privatisation beyond the capacity of the non ideological Left to visualise and appreciate.

People are either voting to actively punish Labour or they are actively trying to avoid voting for Labour altogether.

But people want to vote.

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