Let’s get this straight. When it’s Willie in a live debate, ZB proclaim the end of Western Civilisation, yet when it’s National lying…

National confirms tax brochure case studies were fictional ‘scenarios’

National Party deputy leader Nicola Willis has confirmed case studies in election campaign material, where people commented on how National’s tax policy would affect them, were made up.

To accompany the launch of the party’s tax plan, National produced a 28-page brochure.

Under a headline “How National’s Back Pocket Boost supports Kiwis,” were seven case studies understood to be real life people in Aotearoa.

Nathan, an 18-year-old school-leaver in Whangārei was photographed in a local cafe where it said he worked 40 hours a week. Meanwhile, Alice was a building apprentice in Christchurch, with a photo of her in a hard hat and high visibility clothing. Over in Whakatāne, retired couple Bob and Jacqui were relaxing at home on their sofa.

When questioned by AM Show host Ryan Bridge if the images were generated by artificial intelligence (AI), Willis said no.

“They’re real people,” she responded.

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But after a viewer did a reverse image search on the image of Nathan, it was found to be a stock image with the caption “cafe handsome Asia man waitress cashes in order bill register working happy at coffee shop”.

Similarly, Bob and Jacqui were a stock image of an elderly couple with a television remote. The same goes for Alice, the female tradie in Christchurch.

As Willis faced an onslaught of questions from media this week on how her tax policy adds up, she was also asked why she claimed the people were real. She then confirmed the images used were actually stock images.

“Yes they were stock images, but they were real people,” Willis said.

“When Ryan asked me about that on AM this morning, I thought he was saying these AI generated people. They are photos of real people”.

But later in the day, Willis said the scenarios they were talking about – and how National’s tax plan would affect the case studies – were fictional.

…Silence over at the ZB Troll Farm…

…no mention of National getting get out.

It’s only immoral when the Left does it.

The current game of picking up half truths or commentary made out of context and holding it up to an angry electorate to scream, ‘See, they’re liars’ is such bullshit journalism.

The policy platform National and ACT will ram through is going to be an enormous shock to New Zealand.

We know Politicians are liars, what we want to know is what they aren’t lying about!

National intends to give rich landlords a $250 per fortnight tax cut funded by mutilating public transport, stealing from the climate change budgets and robbing 2 year olds for Christs sake!

The orgy or privatisation and crony capitalism about to be unleashed  demands scrutiny, not political spin spun poorly.


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