ACT loses another candidate just weeks out from election

ACT has lost another candidate just weeks out from the election.

The party’s candidate for Taranaki King Country, Brent Miles, withdrew last week for personal reasons, a spokesperson for the party said.

1News had asked why Miles had been removed from ACT’s website.

The spokesperson said ACT would not comment further.

Miles previously stood for ACT at the 2020 election.

It means five ACT candidates have now withdrawn in recent weeks — Elaine Naidu-Franz, Darren Gilchrist, Scott Boness, Anto Coates and now Miles.

Naidu-Franz, the party’s Rangitata candidate, immediately resigned after online comments where she likened vaccine mandates to Nazi concentration camps came to light.

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What in the name of the zombie Jesus is happening over in ACT?

The deep dumpster dive of poorly vetted ACT candidates having to suddenly drop out is as eye rolling as it is terrifyingly hilarious.

Eye rolling because taking deep dumpster dives into peoples Social Media history is so fucking tedious and woke pious!

Terrifyingly hilarious because the cavalcade of political circus freaks ACT have attracted is because of ACTs extreme rhetoric and this sense that ACT are extremist is now either exciting a shell shocked numb electorate or repulsing them.

ACTs candidate selection board resembles a panel of lepers judging a beauty contest.

As ACTs power builds, the vested interests that generate pressure groups and fund factions are growing.

The Gun Fetishists will get their favourite sociopath machine gun back while dumping the Gun Registry.

Corporations wanting Public Private Partnerships are getting everything they want.

The stealth privatisation of Phramac has begun with their Number 4 Party Pharmaceutical Pimp.

Managing these extremists is difficult because they all want bone cutting reforms and pure amputations of the State.

Critics of Seymour have taken him literally and not seriously, his latest threat to National of giving them only Confidence if David doesn’t get his extremist agenda highlights just how extreme the gulf between ACT policy and National policy really is…

ACT’s David Seymour floats confidence-only partnership – no supply

ACT has floated the possibility of a new kind of governing arrangement if National refuses to cooperate during post-election negotiations.

Party leader David Seymour has threatened to resort to a confidence-only deal, which would require the larger party to seek ACT’s backing for all government spending – or “supply” – decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Recent polls suggest National and ACT could form a government together, but National having to also rely on NZ First – who ACT has ruled out – is also a real possibility.

National has also begun ruling out – or in some cases merely rejecting – ACT policies.

Seymour says if National is not prepared to “fully share power”, his party would consider a minority-government position.

“We’re prepared to do it if the alternative is taking the baubles of office and letting our voters in New Zealand down. So yep, I’ve done it before – I turned down being a minister to do End of Life Choice,” he says.

However, his version would be a different flavour to what NZ First’s Winston Peters has threatened in the past:

“I think we’d be able to be clear that, you know, while they have the confidence of the house, if they want to pass Budgets they are going to have to rely on another party,” Seymour said.

“I think it would probably be just confidence.”

This would mean that although ACT would help National form a government, they could refuse to support its spending initiatives – a break from the traditional “confidence and supply” agreement which sees the minor party guarantee to support the larger’s Budget.

…if Labour, Greens and Maori Party are the Coalition of Chaos, then National, ACT and NZ First are the Alliance of Arseholes and they are fighting before the election is even held!

People don’t understand how wide eyed ACT are about implementing harsh reforms that will cause enormous carnage, that they are openly threatening National should be an enormous red flag that ACT has intention of moderating any policy!

We are facing a situation where the Country will be held to ransom by an extremist hard right Party and the political media want to scream about an advert Labour got wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How is it that an extremist hard right Political Party can openly threaten National and hold the country to ransom and the political media are bickering about truth in social media adverts???

When is the actual, you know, serious Election coverage by the mainstream media going to start or is it really just ZB talking points all the way through till October?



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