National to evict unruly Kainga Ora tenants if elected, so where would they go?

National’s plans to evict unruly Kainga Ora tenants will just see more people living in cars and substandard lodges according to one policy analyst.

The party says there is deep community frustration at Kainga Ora’s unwillingness to enforce the law and evict anti social tenants who make their neighbours lives a misery and if in government it will direct the agency to remove repeat offenders.

National says it will also tighten the eligibility criteria for emergency motels, so that only people genuinely in need can access a grant.

Its goal is to eradicate large scale use of motels as social housing in its first term if elected.

And it plans to build more social houses in partnership with community housing providers.

Let’s be very clear.

National are promising to throw unruly State Tenants (I call them State Tenants, not Kainga Ora Tenants because the name Kainga Ora is a brown washed Maori name to gloss over the true damage and social carnage this failed state housing department truly generates).

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We face 100 000 homeless, we have 12% of our kids living in poverty, we have the worst home ownership in 70 years, we spend a million a day kettling beneficiaries into unsafe motels and we have 25 000 on the social housing wait list.

State tenants have complex problems, National doesn’t give a a fuck.

They will weaponise Kainga Ora just as they did with their failed meth testing state housing scandal.

National will throw state tenants onto the street just as they did with the failed meth testing scandal, and while National are throwing State Tenants onto the street, ACT are building the prisons.

It’s the right wing circle of life.

National throws the poor onto the street, ACT house them in prison.

This is what we is now, this is the harvest of spite that ACT and National voters are sexually aroused by and what they will vote for.

The internal empires of hate we all preside over in our own minds have been empowered by hate algorithms and the new cult of ‘lived experience feelings’ that states there is no external or objective truth because logic and reason are heteronormative white cis male privileges.

The middle class woke activist clique have set built the new mindset, the Right are  exploiting it.

There is no reason this election, only vengeance.

Throwing state tenants onto the street while the right wing mob bray in support is the ugliest politics.


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