The Alliance of Arseholes, ACT + NZF + National are promising a period of instability not seen in NZ politics for some time.

The extremism of ACT is costing them support finally as voters who were protest voting ACT start to appreciate how extreme the party really is.

NZ First are barely over the threshold when they should be 8%, and this is because Winston has plunged so deep into the Antivax movement.

Labour stem the bleeding and need to aim for 32% and they are back in the game.

The Greens just have to be slightly less spineless than Labour and they can walk away with 11%.

The whole election is on a knife-edge and all the wins and loses are within the margin of error.

National over poll by 6 points, Labour under poll by 4.

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The Maori Party will be the surprise on the night and the debates will matter more than ever.

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