How ACT wants to end ‘tag-and-release game’ of juvenile offending

ACT is calling for tougher consequences to tackle New Zealand’s youth crime problem, saying criminals feel invincible due to the lack of punishments.

The party announced on Monday it want to spend half a billion dollars on building youth detention centres, including 200 new beds, that would be run by the Department of Corrections if elected into Government at this year’s election.

You know it’s election year because every week there’s a new group of poor people David Seymour wants to bash.

Last week he wanted to stop welfare to working parents and beneficiaries who hadn’t filled in their census forms and this week he shocked the nation with a demand to spend $1billion on locking up more kiwis in our dangerous, underfunded, under staffed, corrupt counter productive Prison Industrial Complex.

I think it’s especially charming that David wants detention camps built to imprison children, who is he going to contract for that?

The Chinese? They build cheap gulags.

ACT have claimed this draconian lynch mob nonsense policy will merely replace the crims in prison that the soft-on-crime-socialist-gang-hugging-Labour Party have fecklessly let out of jail, but they do understand don’t they that Labour have achieved that lower prison muster because more Prisoners are applying for home detention once they are jailed, and they do know that home detention application policy was a National Party policy right?

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Labour have succeeded in lowering the prison muster using National’s home detention application policy because they instructed prison staff to help illiterate prisoners fill in the forms – what exactly is the rights beef with that? The helping illiterate people fill in forms or that Labour made a National Party prison policy work?

Tough on crime rhetoric is always a vote winner, David could promise to chain gang children in orange jumpsuits on the harbour bridge breaking rocks with pix axes while singing gospel hymns barefoot on hot coals and ACT would still win!

Why is it always the stick and the bash with ACT?

ACT love to give poor people a kicking when they are down, did a homeless person punch you as a child David?

Who hurt you Mr Seymour?

Why must the ACT the Freedom Party always revel in using the jackboot of the state on everyone weaker than them?

When ACT demanded to put ankle bracelets on 11 year old Children, National followed it up by demanding ankle bracelets on 10 year old children, how will Luxon top a billion into prisons to lock up more people? Will National propose an Island fight club prison where prisoners fight each other to the death simulcast with live gambling and caffeinated sports drink sponsorship?

Promising to expand the counter productive prison industrial complex and put more people in prison while building youth detention gulags isn’t social policy, it’s performative art for fascists.

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