Queenstown’s reputation at risk after revelations of workers living in cars

Queenstown is the jewel in our tourism crown but revelations some out-of-town workers are living in their cars is putting its reputation at risk. 

Every. Single. Year. it’s the same bloody story.

Queenstown is so expensive and elite that it can’t house the workers those elite require and that even in Queenstown, the entire town is reliant on the low wage economy!

If Queenstown – rich, snobby, elite Queenstown can’t build houses for their crucial workforce, doesn’t that highlight how warped the market has become?

If Queenstown – rich, snobby, elite Queenstown is reliant on the low wage economy, doesn’t it highlight the addiction throughout the country?

If Queenstown – rich, snobby, elite Queenstown is endlessly trapped in this cycle, what hope for the rest of the country?

Queenstown has become a symbol of just how weak our social infrastructure reliant on free market myths has become.

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Holding a Finance Debate in the heart of Aryan Coloniser Capitalism like Queenstown really tells you everything you need to know about the shallowness of our political debate and .

National’s tax plan is nothing short of a disgrace and even the rich white and wealthy of Queenstown groaned over Nicola Willis and her stupid answers!

The crowd at the ASB Great debate in Queenstown also clearly didn’t buy some of Willis’ claims, with the audience making a large noise of disapproval when she suggested her party’s policy wouldn’t lead to house price growth in the region.

National will steal from 2 year olds, mutilate Public Transport and literally rob climate change funds to pay rich landlords $250 per fortnight in tax cuts using revenue from foreign buyers which economists say will never eventuate!

National have taken millions from the real estate pimps, will give Landlords back their tax loopholes and give them the right to throw tenants out onto the street and you stupid sleepy hobbit will allow them to do it!

This is a class war for Landlords being waged against renters and owner occupiers!

Look at how easily you have all been conned here?

Rather than screaming, ‘why the fuck are these rich real estate pimps being allowed to flog NZ houses off to overseas speculators’, we are all instead arguing over how much tax take that will generate!

You are having your nation sold from under you, you sleepy stupid hobbits!

James grumbled, David did eveything to look like he isn’t as extremist as his Candidate selection and racist rhetoric suggests he is (and which is leading to a drop in the polls), Nicola was arrogant because she is banking on everyone hating Labour to get elected and Grant reminded everyone just how fucking good he is as a debater.

The problem for Labour after such feckless incrementalism on the issues that matter and insane political capital burnt by the woke and their middle class identity politics bullshit, this election has become a grudge fuck election.

Voters are voting not on policy, but for malice, to hurt the ‘other side’ for all the imagined crimes of Covid, 3 waters co-governance and Trans cult issues.

We are being tested this election on who we really are as a Nation.

One that fights for the people vs one that rules in the interests of the Banks, Corporate  Farming and property speculators.

There are 4 weeks unto the 2023 Election.

It ain’t over until the Fat Blogger sings.

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