NZ election 2023 live: ACT announces welfare policy, targets drug addicts and mentally ill

The ACT Party has released its welfare policy today, which calls for benefits to be taken off people who can’t work due to drug addiction or mental illness and aren’t seeking support.

ACT are slipping in the Polls, so they do what the Right does best – bash the dirty filthy bennies!

Targeting drug addicts and the mentally ill is so on brand for ACTs petty fascism, what the play is privatisation of welfare.

Private welfare companies will be brought in to take contracts and they get bonuses from either transitioning the mentally ill and drug addicts into work or cut them off welfare altogether for breaking some bullshit rule they invent.

This is welfare privatisation using drug addicts and the mentally ill as the punching bag.

Once established they will come after solo parents, the unemployed and the disabled with the same cruelty.

This is where we are in the election cycle right now, beating up on drug addicts and the mentally ill.

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This is what we is, this is what we are.

This isn’t a welfare policy, it’s a fucking right wing revenge fantasy.

If National and ACT really get in to do cruel shit like this, we will be a lesser, nastier more spiteful nation.



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