Last night Posie Parker announced she wasn’t going to visit NZ 3 weeks before the election after all.

She was due here to watch her court case against the activist who poured juice on her during the violent protest earlier this year.

The danger of what another open aired clash between woke trans activists and what was building into a combined grievance army of Qanon anti vaxx incels was great but thankfully Posie has pulled out altogether.

She hasn’t been banned, she’s just decided that she might not get in and she believes that the NZ Police are infiltrated by the Trans community and won’t protect her.

I think she can probably make more money elsewhere with her toxic grift and she wants to go there instead, but the martyrdom doesn’t hurt her.

By not coming, Posie Parker has saved us from ourselves because we know Shaneel Lal, The Spinoff, Stuff, RNZ, Re:News and the Woke Cult simply couldn’t help themselves and would have fanned another violent mob, except this time the far right were preparing to be ready for them.

We have put off a destabilising moment of violence which the Woke would have taken us all over the edge with them.

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Free Speech is bruised and battered but will live to fight another day.

The most important thing is we prevented the Woke from destabilising the Election.

Right after the election, let’s be honest with our thoughts on the Woke and their middle class identity politics.

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