Surprise, surprise – After needing us over Covid the Hyper Tourism industry dumps on Kiwis…

Tourism Minister’s suggestion Kiwis could pay less, tourists pay more shot down by Queenstown operator

Newly minted Tourism Minister Peeni Henare’s suggestion that Kiwis could pay less than tourists has been shot down by one tourism operator. 

On Monday, the NZ Herald reports Henare flagged his concern about “extreme” price rises seen with some tourism operators.

“I do think prices are steep at the moment.”

While the Minister said he appreciates operators were recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, he expects prices to drop as tourism begins to pick up.

“But it is one of those things I’ll be monitoring closely. As important as it is to talk to the operators, it’s just as important to talk to the consumers and many are saying things are expensive.”

But Henare’s suggestion that Kiwis could pay less than tourists hasn’t hit the mark with Queenstown’s Ziptrek Ecotour executive director Trent Yeo. 

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Yeo told AM everyone is worried about the prices of everything, but believes there is a lot on offer that is accessible for Kiwis.

Yeo is concerned it will become “complex” and “hard to deliver fairly” if there are different price points between Kiwis and visitors. 

…the hyper tourism industry prior to Covid saw 4 million tourists a year coming and gridlocking our groaning underfunded infrastructure and the hyper tourism market didn’t;t give a fuck.

Then Covid hit and closed the borders and the hyper tourism industry were forced to lower their astronomical costs and beg Kiwis to use them, now the borders are open again, the hyper tourism industry is straight back to their prices that lock domestic customers out.


Hyper tourism is a plague.


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