Ok. Firstly, Winston may be as old as Kipling, but he sure as Christ didn’t write ‘If’.

The sense of victimhood Winston is appealing to by using Kipling’s most famous ‘still-mustn’t-grumble’ guide to masculinity is a stoicism born not from philosophical conjecture but poor public education.

NZF thought cuddling up to the antivaxxers was a sure fire way to cross 5%, but their craziness has pushed voters away from the fringes as much as attracts them.

NZFirst is a grievance Party for a generation who refuse to let go of their privilege joined with the ruddy faced of those who are made insecure by a soy latte and words with syllables.

Can Winston the tricky Pied Piper of NZ politics whistle up anther tune of cultural fragility and cultural dislocation for a blessed vision of 1950s NZ when Māori knew their place and Jack was their master?

I’m not convinced.



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