Millionaire property developer says unemployment must jump by 50 per cent to boost productivity

A millionaire property developer says unemployment must increase by up to 50 per cent to jolt tradies back to “productivity”, if the housing crisis is to be solved.

Tim Gurner, the founder of Gurner Group, told the Australian Financial Review Property Summit there needed to be drastic changes.

“Unemployment has to jump 40 to 50 per cent in my view. We need to see pain in the economy,” he said, according to the AFR.


Covid was a unique universal shared experience where the sacrifice was shared unequally in unequal Societies.

It forced workers who were told they were essential but paid like peasants to think about what was actually important in life.

When the boot of Capitalism is removed from the throat of workers, when they get a moment to pause and ask if their slave wagers was worth it and many decided it was not.

The anger that Millionaire Tim Gurner is venting is a fury by the 1% that their wealth can’t buy the power it once did. Workers care about their interests post Covid, not the bosses.

The 1% want crippling unemployment to force workers to fear their bosses again so that they are subservient.

It’s a reminder that we have a class war without the vocabulary to articulate it because the woke middle class identity politics activists have promoted Woke as the new lens and it always eclipses class.

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