Speaking at the E Tū Election Launch in Auckland today, Green Party co leader Marama Davidson confirmed the Green Party’s manifesto commitment to ensure everyone has five weeks of annual leave.

“Everyone should be able to spend quality time with their whānau and friends, but right now Aoteroa is not working for all working people. Tens of thousands of people are working two, sometimes three, jobs just to make ends meet. This leaves hardly any time in the day for people to rest and enjoy time with the people they love,” says Green Party co leader Marama Davidson.

“For decades, the Green Party has fought to improve the lives of working people. We have helped pass Fair Pay Agreements and increase sick leave to 10 days.

“We have also pushed to introduce pay transparency requirements – to help close the gender and ethnic pay gap, and foster fairness for Māori and Pasifika workers.

“The time is now to build on the work we’ve already done and make sure that everyone, no matter what job they do, has enough time off. It should not be that only the lucky few in well paying jobs get to take proper time off.

“The Green Party would phase in five weeks of annual leave. We will provide organisations plenty of notice, and ensure the full five weeks is available for everyone by the end of 2025.

“The Green Party is the only party with a plan to make sure all working people have strong rights, good pay and secure work. And, our Income Guarantee would ensure that if anything happens to stop someone from working, people will always have enough to put food on the table and pay the bills.

“A National-ACT-NZ First Government who would only serve to benefit big business and line the back pockets of their wealthy mates.

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“National have already made clear their intention to make life harder for working people by repealing Fair Pay Agreements. Their coalition partner ACT’s plan to get rid of 15,000 people from the public service would immediately bump unemployment from 3.6% to 4.1%. I cannot think of a worse outcome from this election for working people than a National-ACT government.

“With a strong Green voice in the next government with Labour, we can make life better for all working people in Aotearoa,” says Marama Davidson.

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