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Jesus least night debate was mediocre.

The first leaders debate that Jessica Mutch heroically attempted to keep relevant was dull and exceptionally boring.

The format was tiresome, the questions predictable, the arguments used weak.

Chippy and Luxon politely played ping pong which is super dangerous for Labour because all Luxon how to do to win was tune up and not fall over!

Luxon’s interviews are train wrecks and his walking away from media when the hard questions start is now legendary, so all he had to do was not pass out live on TV, which he managed to do, so he was the winner!

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Chippy had some moments and the fire was there, but who the fuck is helping him train for these debates  because NZers want a fighter, not Jacinda’s neo-kindness!

Labour’s incremental nothings serve no master!

The debate were dull lifeless answers that peddled talking points rather than answers and vision.

Nothing either of them said will do a fucking thing to confront the challenges in front of us as a people or as a nation.

Labour believe rearranging the bureaucratic systems will somehow save NZ because so much of their Professional Managerial Middle Class activists work in Ministry comms where as National believe slashing everything that moves will solve our issues.

Chippy either brings it in these debates or he loses the election.

It’s as simple as that.

When you consider the radical shift to the right National and ACT represents, the biggest loser last night was New Zealand.

The only winners were the minor parties!

Oh, BTW – our Post Leaders Debate live from Backbenchers Pub in Wellington was raucous, hilarious and once again a triumph for all involved.



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