Just as NZ barely recovers from the latest climate change storm, we are now predicted to be hit by an even bigger one next week.

This year, NZ has seen extreme catastrophic weather event after catastrophic weather event.

Christian Conspiracy Theorist Ian Wishart says it was the Tongan volcano eruption that pushed all this water vapour into the atmosphere and it is that not global warming that is causing these weather events, but that’s bullshit as the water vapour would have fallen within weeks after the eruption, not years later.

The danger of allowing people like Wishart to pollute the debate means we take our focus off climate change and the human pollution that creates it.

Climate change was something that we thought might impact us at the end of the century, the reality is that it is now here and the danger is that you get hit so hard and so often that there is no time between events to repair the damage of the last storm.

This is only going to get worse, not better and it demands a new capitalism that taxes the rich to ensure the build backs are engineered and resilient enough to resist these damages.

Climate Change is now a major political issue in NZ…

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…this is now an age of consequences while ACT and National promise to strip away the little environmental action we have managed to muster.

A National/ACT Government will allow the Big Cow polluters to get away with doing even less while undermining our climate crisis response.

ACT just took on the climate denying Federated Farmers as a candidate!

We can not afford to allow climate denial parties anywhere near power.

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