Dear Chippy.

It’s time to step up Comrade.

Your low energy vibe in the First Leaders Debate was a voting boner killer that allowed Luxon to shine.

Blaming Jessica Mutch the way some of the tribal Left have on Twitter for your poor performance is the philosophy of losers, and you Chippy ain’t no loser.

But you sure as Christ may be post October 14th.

Let’s be crystal clear what is at stake here Chippy.

National and ACT would represent the worst Government we’ve ever seen in terms of the public spending amputation they wish to proceed with.

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ACTs bullshit Referendum on the Treaty will start a God damned race war and Luxon is too thick to stop him!

In short Chippy.

You. Can’t. Fucking. Lose!

There is simply too much at stake for your cautious advisors to fuck this up for the country and wider Left!

I know who your advisors are and they are chumps.

Nice chumps.

But Chumps nevertheless.

We have 3 weeks and you need to surprise the electorate and shock this election back into life.

You need to U-turn your Captain’s Call on the Wealth Tax.

Maori Party have made it a bottom line and the Greens will the second the 3 of you have a majority.

There is an inevitability to it if the 3 of you = 51%.

You call an urgent Press Conference, look straight down the barrel of the camera and tell the Nation that getting out around the country has been rewarding and you have met thousands of good Kiwis getting on with their lives, but that what has struck you is the intense inequality you’ve witnessed and that as such, you are reversing your position on Grant and David’s Wealth Tax and you will now fight for every Kiwi to get their first $10 000 tax free and tax the uber wealthy for it!

You need to surprise the electorate and make them want to elect you.

GST off my banana during a 30 year high food inflation rate is bullshit.

What’s the point of Bread and Butter politics if no one can afford the Bread or Butter Chippy?

Give the Left a real reason to fight for you, to fight for Labour, to fight for the progress of a Liberal Democracy that taxes the wealthy to pay for the infrastructure of Society.

Is it a high risk move?

Sure is!

But that’s where we are now!

If NZ First slip under 5% and Labour can pull out a last minute voter surge, Labour + Greens + MP = the Government.

Fight for it Chippy.

I’ve known you for ages, you are a good man and this country can not handle the social carnage ACT and National will bring.

Fight for it Chippy. Fight for NZ. Announce David and Grant’s Wealth Tax and ignite the populism that made Bernie Sanders so powerful.

You are out of options, and this is the last play.

If the Left votes – the Left wins!

Give the Left a reason to vote for you Chippy!


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