Jesus wept.

Why the Christ doesn’t Labour use Grant more often?

Todays Finance Special on Q+A between Grant and Nicola was a devastating display of a Finance Minister at the height of his power and the wannabe who after todays debate may well be a never was because if there is a change of Government, David Seymour will be finance Minister after this disastrous  performance.

Right from the beginning, Grant is on the attack and Nicola is desperately trying to keep up.

Grant strips back the facts of the Foreign Buyers Ban and the math doesn’t add up in any way shape or form. Her decision to try and defend the indefensible is shudderingly bad.

Interesting debate about the export market. Didn’t note how catastrophic climate change will impact that, although Grant noted Agricultural technology as a new premium investment market alongside renewable energy tech.


Nicola is very good at selling privatisation as the solution to infrastructure when it is in fact the worst fucking thing in the world to do.

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Grant points out the underinvestment of the entire State that National oversaw which Labour inherited and has fought to replenish.

42% of those polled didn’t want Government cuts to impact jobs, which is extraordinary when you think about it! Only 38% wanted public service jobs cut!

The majority support the State and State Services – yet the Left are losing the election in the polls because we haven’t focused hard enough on upgrading those services!

Nicola’s attempt to defend the cuts is on the fly of that Poll result which clearly surprised Nicola.

Grant demolishes her argument that National won’t slash jobs and cut services.

Interestingly people polled about poverty and tax angrily wanted to keep their own money.

I think at a time of extreme economic stress, people are freaking out about their own wages and saw the question in those terms, if you went back to them and said, ‘Do you deserve tax relief/better public services by taxing the uber rich’, 90% would say yes.

The yoke of taxation needs to be lifted off the workers, beneficiaries and middle class’s and put on the Banks, the Speculators and the 1%!

Labour’s State House rebuild is admirable, but there are still 25 000 on the State House wait list and desperate people kettled into dangerous motels.

Nicola’s weird hatred of State Housing is alarming! She slags off Labour’s State Housing build and doesn’t care about how many State Houses get built and that’s dangerous because the only means of forcing private landlords to do right by their tenants is removing the desperation from the rental market by having more State Houses.

Nicola wants the desperation in the market to keep Landlord profits high.

Seeing as National have taken millions in donations from the Real Estate Pimps, they have no credibility on Housing!

National is little more than a Real Estate Agency with special branches for Corporate Farmers, Banks and Chinese Business interests.

National throws the first User Payers Generation -Gen X – under the bus and lifts Super.

Jack (who has been an excellent Host) slams it down that we ultimately need new revenue streams and new taxes to fund the cores services of the State.

Nicola says growing the economy will do it, which is bullshit.

Grant points out now is not the time for National’s Tax Cuts and reminds everyone how he has managed NZ during a once in a century pandemic.

Refuses to answer the wider question of a need to remove the tax yoke from the workers onto the corporates and the uber wealthy which is why Labour needs the Greens and Maori Party to help them be more courageous.

If Grant had been front footing this election campaign, Labour would be in the 30s right now, not in the 20s. He is a phenomenal asset to Labour and is one of their best performers.

There is no way you can watch this interview and pretend Nicola is ready to be the next Finance Minister.

Come on.

If there is a change of Government, David Seymour is Finance Minister, not Nicola.

Don’t cheer too loud for David getting Finance because Winston will probably be Treasurer.

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