BREAKING BAD ACT have decided to back the local meth production industry by bewilderingly wanting the banned meth pre-curser Pseudoephedrine back on the shelves!!!

Fear that setting up your own Meth Cooking company might attract unwanted attention from other criminal organisations?

Don’t worry!

ACT has you covered by allowing the sociopaths favourite toy machine gun back on the market while dumping the Gun registry so you willl be able to keep you Meth Cooking company under the radar from the police.

For too long meth has been produced offshore by Triad and South American cartels, ACT demands to know why should all that meth money be made by foreign criminal organisations when there are so many desperate kiwis trying to make ends meet here in NZ and what better way to help the domestic Meth Cooking market than allowing Pseudoephedrine back into the country and over the counter while providing the machine guns to protect your turf!

ACT – the Party that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing!

Just to be crystal meth clear here, ACT’s solutions are MORE machine guns and MORE meth precursor ingredients?

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The market will work out the rest will it?


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