“I’M NOT RACE BAITING”, screamed David ‘Race Baiting’ Seymour

Election 2023: ACT’s David Seymour, Green’s Chlöe Swarbrick clash on AM over ‘race-baiting’ politics

ACT’s David Seymour and the Greens’ Chlöe Swarbrick have clashed over what the latter called race-baiting politics in a fiery interview on AM.  

On Monday, National leader Christopher Luxon officially declared he would work with New Zealand First if he had to, in a National, ACT and New Zealand First coalition.  

Swarbrick believed ACT and NZ First had many similarities when speaking on the topic, including what she described as “interesting” policies, which she claimed to be “race baiting” and “divisive”. 

Seymour was quick to ask Swarbrick to provide examples where ACT has race baited. Swarbrick fired back with ACT’s proposal of a referendum on the Treaty of Waitangi, which she said will “absolutely drag up some of the most unfortunate types of discussions in this country”. 

This is madness!

ACT pretending to be the victim in their demand to use a referendum to redefine the Treaty of Waitangi and then force that upon Māori!!!!!!!

Jesus wept, I haven’t seen projection like this since Avengers Infinity War on IMax!

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Let’s be crystal fucking clear on what ACT are proposing AS THEIR BOTTOM IN IN ANY DEAL WITH NATIONAL – they will hold a referendum using nothing more than majoritarianism to redefine the fucking Treaty of fucking Waitangi and then force it onto Māori, who remember are just 18% of the population.

ACT want to steal the politic al rights of Indigenous NZ using nothing more than a majority referendum FFS!

What in our 184 year history tells you that Māordom will just roll over and have their Treaty redefined by an unhinged Cracker Party like ACT from Honkysville???

The backlash this will provoke against the State will make the Dumb Lives Matter protest on Parliament’s lawn look like a fucking teddy bears picnic!

Most of you have no idea ACT are demanding this, you all think he’s joking, but he ain’t.

David is a brilliant genius of a Politician who has whipped up a race baiting froth of white fragility that wants to start a conflict, because once you feed these dark forces you can’t stop them!

If ACT really try this on, actually attempt to renegotiate the Treaty by nothing more than mass referendum it will unleash a hikoi of protest that will eclipse the Foreshore and Seabed protest.

When those hundreds of thousands descend upon a terrified Luxon and an increasingly Police State oriented David Seymour in Wellington as the torturous discord of this referendum plays out, will they tell the Police Officers to open fire or not when those protesters erupt with incandescent rage on the lawns of Parliament in 2025?

That’s what you are really voting for next month.


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