National’s Christopher Luxon would work with NZ First if he has to

National leader Christopher Luxon says he would form a coalition with New Zealand First after the election if he had to.

Now Luxon has ruled Winston in, how on earth is he going to lift the Foreign Buyers Ban that he needs to balance his bullshit budget!

NZ First are utterly against lifting the Foreign Buyers Ban and National need to lift it to pretend they have all this revenue for their bullshit tax cuts for rich Landlords!

ACT + National + NZF are such a toxic mix, they’ll be too busy attacking each other to get anything done!

The Right have been braying about the ‘Coalition of Chaos’ all year when the reality is that the Alliance of Arseholes – ACT, National and NZ First, are going to spend the next 3 years ripping each others throats out as Luxon endlessly sobs between Winston and David stabbing each others eyeballs out every 30 seconds!

ACT is so extreme and NZ First are so extreme and National are so extreme that they all fall off each others cliffs!

ACT wants billions spent on prisons while amputating all political voices that aren’t white and male while National want to vandalise the Egalitarian State by giving rich landlords huge tax cuts funded by robbing 2 year olds, mutilating public transport and literally stealing from the climate change funds using a Foreign Buyers Tax that will never raise anywhere enough for those tax cuts!

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Winston wants to designate gangs domestic terrorists with all the paramilitary Police state that requires while funding Toilet cops to check you8r fucking gender in a public toilet!!!

These Egotistical Arseholes can’t do anything other than feed their egos!

They can’t and won’t work together.

The more the electorate see of the Alliance of Arseholes, the far more preferable becomes the Coalition of Chaos!

There’s 3 weeks until the 2023 election!

Act has received more donations than the left bloc combined.

It’s better late than never to volunteer…



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