With ACT’s attack on the mentally ill and drug addicts alongside their pledge to build a new prison empire for all the State Tenants that National are about to throw out onto the street plus Nationals plan to rob 2 year olds, public transport and climate funds to give rich landlords a $250 per fortnight tax cut is an affront to the very egalitarian meritocracy these right wing muppets claim to champion!

They want to take from the poor and give to the rich! It’s not trickle down, it’s trickle up!

They want right wing revenge fantasies as social policy FFS and voters seem more than happy to allow that because they can’t stop being angry at Jacinda and the Covid lockdown!

The crime debate is over who can put ankle bracelets on Children first, yet in the year ending June 2022, 175,573 family harm investigations were recorded and no one says a fucking word about that!

Ram raiding youth + 501 gang war violence and we are demanding new prisons, new patch banning powers and the desire to designate gang members as domestic terrorists but not a fucking word on the 175, 573 domestic violence cases ripping through our communities.

We are so fucking selective aren’t we?

The planet melts while ACT and National give their mates in the pollution industry another free pass to do nothing other than pay lip service.

We have 25000 people on the social housing wait list.

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We spend a million a day keeping beneficiaries in motels.

In term four of last year, only 50.6 percent of students were regularly attending class

12% of children in NZ live in low-income households

55% of Kiwis are struggling financially

Home ownership is at its lowest rate in 70 years

We are facing the worst inflation in 30 years and there are 100 000 kiwis who are facing homelessness.

The Government’s borrowing requirement is set to dwarf pre-Covid levels. Westpac is now pointing to 6% OCR because of huge immigration pressures, that’s the umpteenth time in a row the economists have been wrong about an OCR peak.

Yes our economy has been malformed and warped by the Covid response, but all those screaming at those ramifications ignore why we had to take on that debt in the first place!


It’s bizarre that Covid which has shaped all these symptoms in our economy and society, from debt to crime, is not mentioned at all!

It’s like it is Taboo to even speak of it!

This silence damages the Left because we are unable to explain why we are facing the symptoms of the cure we took to protect life in the first place!

We faced a once in a century novel pandemic. We had to make decisions that hurt and damaged many lives.

We all sacrificed for the greater good because that was the best means of dealing with a novel virus.

Were there mistakes?

Of course and there were consequences, and those consequences were worth the alternative which was tens of thousands of dead in a mass death event altho would have mutilated this nation.

Critics pointing at the lack of a mass death event as proof that there never was one ignores what we had to do to ensure that didn’t happen!

It’s the most idiotic argument!

The ease with which we rewrite the recent past, to determine with the luxury of hindsight that Covid was just a cold when it has killed tens of millions around the globe is sophistry.

3, 329 – NZ (population 5m)

24,738 – Sweden (population 10m)

9, 209 – Ireland (population 5m)

191, 586 – Italy (population 59m)

Those are the numbers.

That’s how many died from Covid and the population of each nation, compared to Ireland we are talking about 6000 lives difference.

That’s the price we sacrificed to protect as many people as we could, to leave no one behind.

There were sacrifices made that generated unequal consequences in an unequal society.

Labour’s mistake was believing society could just go back to how things were when things were so unequal, we needed the transformative change Jacinda promised but couldn’t deliver.

But the decisions made were courageous and righteous and saved 6000 NZers lives.

That’s a price that was worth paying then, and it is a price that any honourable leader would implement again if faced with the same situation!

Too often we ignore what was saved to rage against what went wrong.

Labour need to rouse that universal shared experience that was Covid and remind us all what we saved with those decisions and that the duty now is to see those challenges through.

New Zealanders leaned into Labour in crisis, because they see in Labour someone who wants to help them, where as in National and ACT they see someone who will kick them when they are down.

Chippy is likeable, Luxon wants you to like him.

Chippy and Grant will help you up on your feet and dust you off while Chris would lecture you about not falling over as David kicks you for being weak, however Grant and Chippy’s incrementalism musty be challenged by the radicalism of Greens and TPM if we are to meet the challenges in front of us!

These are the choices in front of us this election.

This election is becoming a grudge fuck election.

Voters are voting not on policy, but for malice, to hurt the ‘other side’ for all the imagined crimes of Covid, 3 waters and co-governance.

We are being tested this election on who we really are as a Nation.

One that fights for the people vs one that rules in the interests of the Banks, Corporate  Farming and property speculators.

There are 3 weeks unto the 2023 Election.

If the Left Votes – The Left wins!

It ain’t over until the Fat Blogger sings.

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