Wow, how amazing was Maiki Sherman as a Moderator!

She probed each Politician and really dragged out true answers.

This was one of the best debates to date, TVNZ really stepped up as the Public Broadcaster here.

Their youth debate was excellent as well.

Shane waxed lyrical about Winston’s definition of Indigenous and everyone rolled their eyes.

Tama was dreadful and angry.

He always gets accused of being a traitor standing for National, because he is.

Marama was staunch, John Tamihere was brilliant and Willie is the Labour heavyweight.

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Karen was amazingly insightful, but she’s so indoctrinated by right wing bullshit that she can’t see ACTs solution is worse than the problem.

Tama is angry.

Like bitter angry.

Tries to justify Luxon’s desire to throw state tenants out onto the street with no place to go.

He’s so angry.

Shane waxes lyrical about building shanty towns. Does a jig, sings a song, makes some jokes.

John Tamihere notes Banks won’t lend to shared Māori land and argues the need to open capital.

Willie notes how much Māori Housing has expanded under Labour.

Karen makes excellent insightful comments on housing.

Lowering rents debate is funny.

Marama launches a surprise attack on Karen supporting Māori Housing so enthusiastically, which was just as funny.

Tama is angry.

The commentary from Māori on the street was the best political commentary than any panel to date!

Karen is forced to defend her Party’s racist race baiting cross burning Māori hate.

Willie defends co-governance as a model that can work.

Tama is angry.

Marama is righteous in standing for co-governance.

Shane waxes lyrical about co-governance. Non one understands what he means.

Karen gets triggered and becomes a Karen in defending ACTs racist referendum.

Marama has to justify the little they have achieved in Climate Change but makes a clear argument for the future.

John Tamihere makes the case for Kai Sovereignty – his argument about using Tax policy to dismantle inequality.

Karen argues why Māori shouldn’t have a say on water which goes down about as well as you would think it would at a Māori debate.

Shane waxes lyrically about climate change and waxes lyrically about being cancelled which at this stage we all wish would happen.

Quick round on ‘did Māori cede sovereignty.

Willie and John say Māori didn’t cede sovereignty.

Karen detonates a hand grenade by telling everyone she doesn’t understand Māori history.

Shane waxes lyrically on why Māori did by refusing to acknowledge the Māori version of the Treaty.

Marama says of course they didn’t.

Tama is angry and says Māori ceded whatever Luxon says it is.

Shane waxes lyrically about cutting Kapa Haka funding.

The Māori on the street comments are the most intelligent comments made during the entire election!

Big argument over crime and what it means for Māori.

Get tough on crime wins votes but causes more damage.

We are so focused on punishment and suffering and that is all the Right are offering this election.

Shane waxes lyrically about designating Gangs domestic terrorist so that a paramilitary state can shoot them on sight.

Willie and John fires up at Shane’s paramilitary fantasies.

Karen looks lost.

Tama is angry.

The sheer level of extra funding going into Māori organisations is part of Labour’s legacy and those organisations know that.

Shane waxes lyrically about pro growth ideology.

Really interesting discussion on Māori exports and Māori Economy.

There is a tension between Māori Capitalism and kaupapa Māori Capitalism.

Willie and JT showed how they could run the country together.

Marama was fierce.

Karen looked lost at the end, Shane waxed lyrically and Tama?

Tama claimed Chumbawumba’s “I get knocked down but I get back up again’ was his favourite song.

I’ll just leave that there.

This was the best policy debate to date.


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