ACT, National and NZ First are using the money spent protecting NZ from a once in a century pandemic as proof Labour can’t manage the Economy when the truth is the total opposite!

CTU Economist Craig Renney highlights how well Labour have actually managed the Economy…

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…as Craig concludes…

…and he’s right!

Sure, the planet melts while ACT and National give their mates in the pollution industry another free pass to do nothing other than pay lip service.

We have 25000 people on the social housing wait list.

We spend a million a day keeping beneficiaries in motels.

In term four of last year, only 50.6 percent of students were regularly attending class

12% of children in NZ live in low-income households

55% of Kiwis are struggling financially

Home ownership is at its lowest rate in 70 years

We are facing the worst inflation in 30 years and there are 100 000 kiwis who are facing homelessness.

Those problems won’t be solved by cutting taxes for the rich at the cost of the poor and slashing public services!


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