National have peaked, Labour is still trying to find a floor.

ACT have stalled, NZFirst have clawed their way back into Parliament, Greens keep rising and the cavalcade of fringe antivaxxers show us they will gladly never cross the 5% threshold but points to how cray cray part of the political spectrum has become.

I don’t believe the Māori Party are doing as poorly as 2%.

NZFirst, ACT and National are an Alliance of Arseholes.

Winston won’t give Luxon the Foreign Buyers Tax, and National has built all their tax cuts on that. David hates Winston, Winston hates David and Jesus loves Luxon.

If NZFirst slips below 5%, and that is a real possibility, then ACT and National are at the mercy of the specials and overseas vote.

This election is far closer than the Polls are painting out.

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