ACTs racist referendum is intellectually and morally bankrupt!

What ACT is proposing is majoritarianism, not democracy.

Māori either have a right or don’t have a right, allowing the majority to determine that is fucking outrageous!

There’s a saying in NZ politics, ‘When even Damien Grant can see it…”.

Damien Grant: The principles that ACT should be sticking up for

The policy is to have Parliament pass a law defining the principles of the Treaty, with an emphasis on their impact on our democratic institutions, and then ask the electorate to vote on this at a referendum.

This is a mistake.

…when even Damien Grant can see that a referendum to redefine the Treaty and then force it upon Māori using nothing more than a naked majority is wrong, then come on, the rest of you have no excuses either!

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There seems to have been a belief amongst some of our whiter friends that the 420 000 non voters (many of whom are Māori) were simply going to sit the next election out.

There seems to have been a belief that Māori should just allow ACT to generate a referendum that would renegotiate the Treaty and then just foist it upon them with no complaint whatsoever!

What about our 180 year history suggests to you Māori will accept that?

White Kiwis are treating Māori angry at years of abuse the way a parent who has beaten their children behaves at Christmas Dinner, with unforgivable rage that the beaten children are playing up at Christmas Dinner and not wanting to play nice for the occasion.

You can’t keep shitting on a people and get angry when they don’t want to be shat on any longer!

Let’s be very clear, ACTs call for a referendum to redefine the Treaty and then simply force that redefined Treaty upon Māori will start a race war.

Game it out:

  • David Seymour cuts a deal with National in 2023 and launches its purge of every Maori political win since the Treaty was signed.
  • Shutting down every co-governance arrangement would provoke absolute outrage within Māoridom and spark a vast number of immediate legal cases which would jam down any legislative process as every single decision made after Parliament passed  the law ending co-governance would become challenged. Political protests would erupt around the country and local councils would find local resistance as Māori groups universally set up occupations of shared governance assets.
  • Likewise, forcing a redefined Treaty using nothing more than a majority referendum will immediately provoke an enormous backlash.
  • The New National/ACT Government would then attempt to find anyone within Māoridom who would willingly negotiate new Treaty ‘provisions’ with them. No one within Māoridom would willingly negotiate these and so the New National/ACT Government, while dealing with increasingly violent weekly protests in the street, would announce that they are universally negotiating these new provisions on behalf of Māoridom. The news that not only has the New National/ACT Government ended co-governance but are now redefining the entire Treaty by themselves inspires all out violent protest and the New National/ACT Government respond with increasing use of special terror laws and paramilitary Police Mark Mitchell promised would just be used against gangs to keep a lid on the escalating fury within Māoridom at the loss of their political rights.
  • Increasingly global media attention is scathing towards the New National/ACT Government as NZ quickly becomes a pariah on the world stage.
  • Donald Trump calls the New National/ACT Government ‘wise’.
  • A vast and angry Hikoi makes its way to Wellington refusing the authority of Parliament to redefine the Treaty.
  • Protestors refuse to disperse, the New National/ACT Government order Police to open fire on protestors.
  • This sends issues spiralling out of control.

David can be as much of a smart arse as he likes, but selling raw meat racism to the angry whites with policy promises that would lead to a race war isn’t clever politics, it’s fucking dangerous and it’s fucking ugly.

If even Damien Grant can see it…

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