Ex-Oranga Tamariki youth justice resident claims staff beat him up for chocolate rewards

A young man who used to be in the care of an Oranga Tamariki youth justice facility claims he made a deal with staff allowing them to beat him up in return for chocolate. 

It comes after a wide-ranging review resulted in 28 staff complaints referred to police, on top of disturbing footage last month that showed staff facilitating fights between young men in state care. 

Of course OT staff bribed children with chocolate to beat them.

Of course they did.

Staff at these underfunded, under resourced, under managed child detention camps are given 2 weeks training to work with these damaged hurt children.

Of course OT staff bribed children with chocolate to beat them.

Society has been framed out by ram raids and they are screaming for their sense of safety to return despite Covid generating uneven sacrifices in an unequal society!

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There were 886 ram-raids in 2022.

There were 57 murders in 2022.

In 2022 there were also 175,573 domestic violence investigations.

Ram raids and murder are terrible crimes, but they pale into insignificance when you look at the cicvil war being committed in terms of domestic violence, yet the entire political debate is over who can put ankle bracelets on children youngest.

We love punishment and suffering and revenge fantasies in this country over justice, mercy and rehabilitation because we are a low imagination horizon people who are fixated on udders, rugby and alcoholism.  We are a juvenile Settler culture with all the maturity of a can of day old coke.

Think I’m wrong? Remember what happened when those kids climbed up on the roof?

When youth offenders climbed onto the roof of an Oranga Tamariki detention centre and were coaxed down with KFC, the New Zealand ZB Lynch mob went into a feeding frenzy.

‘How dare we use KFC to coax these kids down’ screamed the New Zealand ZB Lynch mob who seemed to feel that snipes should have been used to bring the children down.

Turned out that the kids had escaped onto the rood because hilariously the staff were arranging Lord of the Flies fight clubs that they were then filming.

These staff get 2 weeks training…

Two men charged with organising fights between children inside Oranga Tamariki

Two Oranga Tamariki staff members have appeared in court, charged with organising fights at a secure youth facility.

…mungo no understand?

Where’s the outrage New Zealand ZB Lynch mob? Where’s the rage that these kids were being forced to fight club each other and that it was this violence that drove them to the roof in protest?

The New Zealand ZB Lynch mob were so aroused by screaming at the use of KFC to coax frightened kids protesting at the violence staff were meting out on them, that no one cared why the kids were up there in the first place!

This Fight Club is the very reason why the Children’s Commissioner should have oversight rather than a faceless useless panel inside the Education Review Office which is what Labour changed it to!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s almost as if there was no warning that children in state care are being abused, oh wait – there was – last year, the headline reads…

Almost 500 children, teenagers in Oranga Tamariki care harmed during 2020-21

…that was published in March of 2022.

It is now September of 2023.

How is this acceptable after the Historic Review into State abuse of children?

The Minister has called for another bloody inquiry when the bleeding obvious is confronting us – these detention centres are obscene and grim and violent and underfunded and under resourced because no one gives a fuck about these kids!

These are the broken children who are awaiting trial or the broken children already abused by the State!

There has not been the investment into the facilities, and there are no plans to do it either!

They will create the smokescreen of an inquiry when the bleeding obvious is the answer – MORE FUCKING MONEY!

Labour will cry out they don’t have the money to do that, which is a lie. They could properly regulate Capitalism and Tax The Rich and we would have the money for this social infrastructure.

Allowing poverty and abuse to co-govern our detention facilities into operating Staff supported fight clubs is an obscenity.

Pretending to not know this is happening when report after report has highlighted all the conditions exist to create these exact abominations is an obscenity.

Removing the Children’s Commissioner as independent oversight of Oranga Tamariki is an obscenity.

Not taxing the rich to properly fund these facilities is an obscenity.

Blaming kids being filmed by staff to compete in fight clubs for climbing onto the roof of their detention centre is an obscenity.

The Minister’s response that more metal detectors at the detention centres is the solution is an obscenity.

Nothing will get better under National or ACT, it will be far worse.

Oh, you want solutions?


Tax the fucking rich and properly fund these centres so that staff have more than 2 weeks fucking training!

We don’t care that the boot camp policy is counter productive, we only care that those we hate suffer and are punished.

This is Nu Zilind, this is what we is now.

Bring on the book burnings.


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