The Green Party is today welcoming Labour’s climate manifesto, but is clear that much more will need to be done to tackle the climate crisis.

“We are clearly on the same page about the need to cut emissions. National have said they’re committed to the targets but every policy they’ve announced will take us backwards. On the other hand, the Act Party have been completely upfront about just wanting to take us backwards,” says Green Party co-leader James Shaw.

“As far as we can tell, Labour’s plan is largely the existing work programme, and we know we need to do more in order to meet our emissions targets and prevent things from getting worse. The bold action we need will only happen with Green Ministers at the decision making table pushing for action in every area.

“As extreme weather events become the new normal, only a Green Minister for Climate Change will take action at the pace and scale needed.

“The list of what this government has achieved on climate change is remarkable – and would not have happened without the Green Party. The time is now to build on what we have achieved so we can finally bring emissions down permanently.

“The decisions the next government makes will shape our response to climate change for generations to come. I cannot think of anything more dangerous than a government with David Seymour and Winston Peters calling the shots.

“The only way to get the action we need, to make sure everyone can have what they need to live within the limits of a safe climate, is to make sure there are more Green MPs and Ministers around the decision making table,” says James Shaw

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