A vision for unity, celebration and empowerment takes centre stage in the build up to the 2023 General Election as Te Pāti Māori invites the people of Aotearoa to shape the future of the nation.

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Under the banner of ‘An Aotearoa hou,’ Te Pāti Māori unveils a transformative vision for the future — a vision that seeks to create an Aotearoa where the chorus of where you come from or how you identify is not just acknowledged but celebrated. Since its launch, this movement has deeply resonated with the public, amassing over one million video views. This overwhelming response reflects the widespread embrace of its inclusive ideals and the yearning for a more diverse and celebratory Aotearoa.

Te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi poignantly articulates the essence of ‘An Aotearoa hou’: “An Aotearoa hou mirrors the hospitality of a marae, where we extend a warm welcome, provide care, sustenance, shelter, love, reconnection, education, and healing.” These words resonate with the unwavering commitment of Te Pāti Māori to nurture a nation built on these principles.

In a departure from the well-trodden path of conventional political campaigns, Te Pāti Māori’s hero film deliberately side-lines the party’s leaders. Instead, it casts a spotlight on the diverse voices of Aotearoa, providing them with an unfiltered platform to articulate their unique perspectives on what ‘An Aotearoa hou’ means to them.

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