Can we just pause and let what Christopher Luxon said during the Paddy Gower debate?

Luxon is such a moron that he would start a war with Gangs.

Now some of you might be sexually aroused by the idea of the State smashing da Gangs, but reasonable, intelligent human beings who went fuckwits know better!

This bullshit argument that National are going to ‘ban the patches’ is insanely stupid and celebrated by only the dumbest banjo twanging rednecks in NuZilind.

Firstly, the State policing what you wear is Iranian in its needless authoritarianism.

Secondly, it’s utterly unworkable as we ask Police to arrest and remove clothing from incredibly angry people who will react with violence FFS!

Thirdly, Luxon’s demand to send Police into a Gang Tangi to strip patches from Gang members is a recipe for radicalising organised crime into a political vehicle for violence.

Could you imagine the scenario?

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500 patched gang members turn up not mourn their comrade, the Police (numbering at least 1500) would have to turn up and enter the funeral and take patches.

You fucking know what would happen you stupid redneck hobbits!

There would be a fucking meltdown and Police officers would be shot at and Gang members killed before they allowed their patches to be taken from them at a. fucking funeral!

That Luxon is so keen to do this highlights that he isn’t prepared for Executive Power.

He will start a god damned war and while the stupid rednecks might become sexually excited by the idea of starting a domestic war against those they hate, the danger of allowing someone like Luxon to hold Executive Power is actually very high.

He could barely run a state owned airline ffs, why do you think allowing him to start gang wars at funerals is a good idea?

You are all so angry that Jacinda prevented a mass death event and saved 6000 lives that you will elect a ill qualified idiot whose inexperience and conservative Christin knee jerks will start conflict he can’t comprehend.

Part of me almost wants to see ACT/NZF/National win because the carnage they will generate can be rammed down the throat of every ACT/National and NZF voter and damned forever.

Luxon’s desire to start Paramilitary Policing of Gang Funerals highlights he shouldn’t be trusted with Executive power!


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