Auckland business owners complained of foul smells, sewage, for months before sewer line collapse

The collapse of a sewerage pipe below Saint Georges Bay Road came as no surprise to Parnell business owners, who say they have been putting up with foul smells and sewage on their properties for months.

Some Auckland beaches were closed on Wednesday following the collapse of a central Auckland sewer line that created a large sinkhole and resulted in a massive sewage overflow pouring into Waitemata Harbour.

…and this…

Burst water pipe in Rotorua spurts water higher than light post, damages road

A burst water pipe caused a spectacular sight on a busy Rotorua road overnight and caused water outages for up to 1800 properties.

…and this…

Wellington Water on burst pipe: ‘We’ll always see failures in this type of network’

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A burst water pipe in Wellington CBD has now been fixed but Wellington Water says it can’t say a similar event won’t happen again.

…and don’t forget the poisoning of Queenstown…

Lack of water treatment highlights urgency of Three Waters reforms – mayor

…the glorious irony of Queenstown, the wealthy playground of NZ who are such arseholes they can never manage to find accomodation for the plebs they use as cheap labour, is choking on poisoned water from the agricultural industry!

Oh the lols.

Where’s your hatred for 3 Waters now clowns?

Where’s all your screams about co-governance and Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaori get too much race baiting rhetoric now you muppets?

Our water system is under immense stress from mass immigration p[olcies that no one wants to pay the infrastructure upgrades for and mass dairy intensification no one wants to stop!

But remind me how it’s all about the Māori’s getting too much!

There are two wars going on right now over water, and because this country is dumb as fuck thanks to a steady diet of intellectual mediocrity via Seven Sharp and The Project, you have no idea what they are.

The first war over Water is being conducted as a culture war. “Da Bloody Maaaaaaaris is stealing da water”! is the battle cry of these slack jowled redneck crackers. They never acknowledge that it was John Key selling 49% of the Hydro Assets that triggered Māori going to the Waitangi Tribunal and the Waitangi Tribunal agreed with Māori that they do have an interest in water and that it was the State’s responsibility to negotiate that interest with Māori. 3 Waters is the culmination of that interpretation of the Tribunals legal ruling, trying to concoct a Qanon conspiracy that the Māori elite are taking over is as stupid as it is stupid.

The culture war is where Groundswell and the new Stop Co-Governance racist redneck crackers are crucial, they are the foot soldiers who ring Talkback, write letters and refer to Cindy a lot on Social Media.

The second war over water is the economic political one. This is where the actual battle over water access, pricing and regulation is being fought. This is where Federated Farmers and Fonteera are fighting.

The dark money to fund the first fight is coming from wealthy cliques and individuals within the Agribusiness elites because they know if they win the culture war on this, they can continue polluting and making money.

There is no Māori conspiracy, just corporate interests manipulating your petty bigotry.

You don’t realise this because we have Seven Sharp and The Project keeping you dumb, and thanks to that brain meat mediocrity, the culture war grifters keep winning.

You are so easy to manipulate Nu Zilind, just tell a white bloke that a Māori bloke is getting something they aren’t and they will allow any interest to fuck them over!


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