Sanitarium drops Weet-Bix from The Warehouse, blaming supply issues

Sanitarium will no longer supply Weet-Bix to The Warehouse, citing supply issues.

But The Warehouse Group chief executive Nick Grayston says Sanitarium’s claims do not stack up and has questioned why Sanitarium would not ration its supply among all its retailers instead of dropping The Warehouse completely.

Sanitarium will no longer supply Weet-Bix from September 30 but it will continue to supply other products such as Marmite and Ricies cereal.

In a written statement provided to Stuff, Sanitarium said details of its commercial relationships were confidential, and their practice was “not to comment on Sanitarium’s production capacities and stock levels”. There was no further comment made.

Christian scumbag grifters Sanitarium have removed weetbix from the Warehouse because they get higher prices with Supermarkets!

I say Christian scumbag grifters because that’s what Sanitarium are, Christina scumbag grifters!

They don’t pay tax because…

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Sanitarium was established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1898 to promote and produce plant-based health foods..


So these scumbag Christian grifters don’t pay tax because they promoted breakfast foods.

Well, they aren’t any longer are they?

They were set up with tax free status to make cheap breakfast foods, well they are now making market moves to lift their profit margins so they have breached their social licence, and as such, these scumbag Christian grifters must now start paying tax!


How dare they remove the reason they were set up and gifted tax free status while you aren’t noticing?

In the face of a 30 year high food inflation rate, Sanitarium pulling stunts like this when they don’t pay tax because they produce cheap breakfast food!!!

Sanitarium have lost their social license – tax those rich scumbag Christians!

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