Damien Grant

What a load of bullshit…

Ban on buying Pseudoephedrine over-the-counter should be reversed

…the only winner here by allowing precursor Meth ingredients into NZ is the domestic meth  cooks!

ACT want to bring back over the counter Pseudoephedrine and Damien Grant is predictably claiming its the greatest social policy of the 21st Century because a s libertarian, Damien wants meth and heroin sold at to the vape shop next to your local school because all that matters as a libertarian is market access with no Government regulations.

It’s the fucking dumbest policy to date from ACT (wait, ACT just announced they wanted to remove January 2nd a s public holiday).

This is the second dumbest policy.

It’s $5 for a point of meth in America, $100 in NZ.

That’s an enormous amount of money to make in the NZ meth trade.

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The 501 syndicates are winning the meth war with the domestic gangs because they have access to purer meth from their South American cartel contacts, (domestic gangs have Meth made by Tirades and shipped to NZ, but the mass produced Tirade Meth is less pure and more expensive).

What will happen if Pseudoephedrine is allowed back on the shelves will be the home grown bake industry will spring back into life because currently they can’t access Pseudoephedrine and the existing gang networks are importing finished product.

The small time Breaking Bad industry will leap because it will produce a dirt cheap product for those meth heads who can’t afford the current prices.

The only winners here are Meth cooks, the burns wards from the many new explosions victims from bad meth cooks and libertarians.

When meth cooks, burn victims and Libertarians are the only winners, you want to avoid that Monsters Ball!


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