Crazy old Winnie is on arguing and building a prison will give prisoners the skills to…build prisons?

Jack argues we need 3 Mt Eden prisons to lock up all the 3000 prisoners he intends to build yet Winston can’t answer the question.

Winnie attacks Jack for asking him questions he doesn’t know the answer to.



He can’t answer that because he doesn’t have the answer!!!

He berates Jack but refuses to answer any question about his own policy!

Jack catches Winnie out in the Cabinet Papers that showed Winston knew about the He Puapua report!!!!!!!

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Jack points out that as the Deputy PM, how could he not have chased this up now we know he knew!

Winston is now insulting Jack.

All Winston has is piss and vinegar.

Jack notes he was raging against the rich and is now taking $900 000 from those rich!

He calls Jack a ‘Dirt Merchant’.


Winston tries to hide his double standards over vaccine mandates…

…he claims that this wasn’t true and someone else posted that.

What a liar!

Jack challenges Winston on his candidates anti-Māori rhetoric.

Here is the quote from the NZ First Candidate…

“Cry if you want to, we don’t care. We are the party with the cultural mandate and the courage to cut out your disease and bury you permanently.”

NZ First Rangitata candidate Rob Ballantyn

Winston claims it was about Willie Jackson, Jack points out that’s a lie!

Winston is a one trick pony show without a pony or trick.

This old Machiavellian Fox is about to decide the NZ Election.

He ends the interview by threading Jack with his job!!!

Jesus wept.

What the hell has happened to this country?


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