Deb Racist Christian Lives Matter

Counter protest turnout swells well beyond size of original protest

A protest organised by Julian Batchelor’s Stop Co-Governance group has been drowned out first by the rain, and then a counter protest that drew many more times the number of people.

What a glorious way to stick it to these racist bigots than a counter protest that is 10 times larger than yours!

Batchelor and Bishop Brian Tamaki are Racist Dumb Christians with Qanon anti vaxx feral nutters tacked on.

What’s been most interesting about the Racist Dumb Christians Qanon anti vaxx feral vote is that it is clearly out there, but what is fascinating is that it is cult leader focused.

NZ Loyal, Democracy NZ, Freedom NZ, New Conservatives – each are getting 1% traction but its limited to the personal messiah leading each movement.

Liz Gun, Matt King, Bishop Brian, Winston – each group of Racist Dumb Christians Qanon anti vaxx ferals are connected via the internet to their favourite messiah via a personal bond with the cult leader, so while they all have the same policies, it’s the cult of personality in the lonely lives of believers that shapes the bond.

Thank Christ all the leaders are toxic narcissist and refuse to work together.

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How the Racist Dumb Christians Qanon anti vaxx ferals find a place post election in NZ culture is difficult to see and without any real clear movement, the fear is they will collapse into small cell groups and radicalise even further.

We had an option of deescalating this when the first version of the Dumb Lives Matter movement washed up on Parliament Lawns 2 years ago, but we refused to do that and it has metastasised into a treacle of dark hate the ramifications of which are still not calculated.

It’s good these Racist Dumb Christians Qanon anti vaxx feral nutters know how utterly rejected they are by the rest of NZ society, but we also need to remember how incredibly dangerous and radioactive they still are.


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