Sometimes the mask slips for ACT and you see the pure sociopath beneath.

David did it when he vandalised a Māori vaccination program, we saw out when he declared that Christmas as a holiday was proof NZ was a totalitarian State, and we are seeing it today with ACTs call to have January 2nd taken from you as a public holiday!

WHY THE CHRIST IS DAVID STEALING OUR SUMMER HOLIDAY you ask? Because ACT are so in the corner of bosses, they feel we have too many public holidays and they want to slash January 2nd…

Labour leader Chris Hipkins continues to campaign against National-ACT “cuts”

Two weeks from election day, Labour leader Chris Hipkins has continued to attack a potential National-ACT coalition for “cutting” welfare payments and promising to “steal summer”.

ACT Party leader David Seymour was in Queenstown, announcing small business policy that included a three-year freeze on minimum wage increases, and a removal of the January 2nd public holiday “to absorb the cost” of the Labour Government’s Matariki public holiday.

…that’s such a damaged and malformed view of public holidays and ACT will steal one back for the bosses!

It’s like a creche for Catholic Priests accused of sexually molesting children.

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It’s a cancer clinic that is on the side of the cancer.

It’s a an oil company on the side of the petrol.

To rob Kiwis of their New Years holiday because ACT suck the balls of bosses is such an outrageous policy and shows how totally and utterly pathological ACT truly are.

Stealing our public holiday for the bosses shows you how insane ACT truly are.


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