New survey shows widespread support for taxes on capital gains and windfall profits

Most people support taxes on excess profits and capital gains, according to a new survey of more than 1000 Kiwis.

These are taxes which both major parties, Labour and National, have ruled out. Yet according to the latest survey, and other polls, it looks like the public is keen on significant tax reform.

Despite ruling out major tax changes, Hipkins has faced pressure, from within his own party and his would-be coalition partners, to reassess the country’s tax system.

Inheritance taxes

Japan 55%
South Korea 50%
France 45%
United Kingdom 40%
United States 40%
Spain 34%
Ireland 33%
Belgium 30%
Germany 30%
Chile 25%
Greece 20%
Finland 19%
Denmark 15%
Iceland 10%
Turkey 10%
Poland 7%
Switzerland 7%
NZ 0%

ENVY the Rights scream at any challenge of their rigged capitalism.

Bernard Hickey has argued, “We could have gotten $200 billion in extra tax revenues if only there had been a fair tax system which meant that capital gains were taxed at the same rate as every other type of income.”

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Envy? Oh no my dear wealth pimps, incandescent mother fucking rage is more where we are all at rather than basic bitch envy!

In a liberal progressive democracy, it doesn’t matter what role you play in the complex super structure of our society and economy.

It doesn’t matter of you are a garbage collector, a dr, a nurse, a drain layer, teacher or tradie – if you all stopped doing your jobs the system can’t work.

Everyone deserves to share the collective harvest of civil society with public services and policies focused on the public good enshrined in the intrinsic civil liberties each individual has.

Wealthy individuals who become mega rich thanks to the landscape generated by those values are required to pay more back into the system they have benefited from beyond the bare necessity of ruthless accountancy practices.

These rich pricks have designed the system for themselves, ‘you can’t tax unrealised capital gains’ the Right scream, like bullshit we can’t!

If it means the mega rich have to sell a mansion or two to pay the tax bill, so fucking be it!

The obligation of the Government is to regulate Capitalism so that we the people benefit from the competitive dynamics of competition!

The disgusting right myth is that NZ is an over taxed, over regulated economy when that is total bullshit!

We are not an over taxed, over regulated economy!

Our top tax rate is the 39th highest in the world behind all the Scandinavian countries plus Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and South Africa!

Australia’s top tax rate is 47cents!

Our GST rate doesn’t even get us into the top 50 and our corporate tax rate is 40th while Government spending against GDP ranks 56th!

And we are voted easiest to do business by the World Bank!

Total hours spent at work per year (OECD):

Germany- 1330
Denmark- 1346
Japan- 1598
Australia- 1683
Canada- 1644
UK- 1367
New Zealand- 1739

I’m not looking for socialism here folks, just basic garden variety regulated capitalism!

There are 14 Billionaires in NZ + 3118 ultra-high net worth individuals, let’s start with them, then move onto the Banks, then the Property Speculators, the Climate Change polluters and big industry.

You should be angry, NZ Capitalism is a rigged trick for the rich and powerful. The real demarcation line of power in a western democracy is the 1% + their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us!

Do not allow their smears of ‘Envy’ dilute the righteous rage you should all be feeling!

There’s no point making workers pay more to rebuild our resilience, tax the rich!

-Sugar Tax

-Inheritance Tax

-Wealth Tax

-Financial Transactions Tax

-New top tax rate on people earning over $300 000 per year.

-Capital Gains Tax

-Windfall profit taxes

-First $10 000 tax free

Lift the tax yoke from the workers and the people and place it on the mega wealthy and have them pay their fair share for once!

The true demarcation off power in a liberal progressive democracy is the 1% wealthy + their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us.

Stand. Stand now and demand more from this rigged capitalism!

The political project of National and ACT is to starve the State of revenue so that it can’t redistribute wealth in the first place.

For those rich pricks screaming they are self made and fuck us for wanting a slice of their bread to properly fund society, let’s remember the email Steve Jobs sent to himself before he died…

…we are all in this together and if you have benefited from society, you owe it.

Chippy will have no choice but to implement a wealth tax when he gets in the negotiations room with John Tamihere and Marama Davidson!


As for this

…you all know it’s true!

If you are voting NZF, ACT or National because Jacinda saved 6000 lives from Covid, then you need to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror!



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